wood chipper

  1. J

    Mystery PTO chipper

    I’m looking at buying this PTO chipper but can’t find any info. Owner doesn’t know brand/model. Anybody recognize the brand?
  2. mikester

    8" No-Name Chinese Chipper Grief and Slip Clutch

    The chipper flywheel was stopping and the engine wasn't bogging down... I discovered that the secondary pulley driving the flywheel was spinning on the shaft. I assumed that the shaft key either fell out or disintegrated based on the metallic dust on the inside of the pulley. Looking at the...
  3. P

    SOLD — Woodland Mills WC68 PTO Chipper for sale in Delaware (19709)

    I have a Woodland Mills WC68 PTO Chipper for sale in 19709. Only has about an hour of use on it. It works as advertised, but my woods are just too immature and I have a lot of brush and vines. I've found it's just easier to use my Lane Shark to obliterate the small stuff and cut the large...