2000 Bobcat 334 Mini Excavator - Just bought- Weak lifting and digging force.


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Nov 23, 2021
Bobcat 334

I am new to this forum and to excavators. I just bought a "solid" Bobcat 334 with "2100" hours on it. It was from a few hours drive from me an I could not see it in person but the seller showed me it working a digging. But when I got it, the was much weaker than the rental machine i had last week which is much newer, but had only a 27 HP engine vs 40 HP for the 334. Anyway, I noticed it was not nearly as strong, maybe half. The fluid sight glass had the ball at the bottom, but could that really account for such a poor showing or am I looking at a financial headache? I will top the fluid off when I get back to the machine next week, but I cant seem to find definitive information that my Hydraulic actions would be week if the fluid is low. I hear no weird noises, though the pilot sticks seem to flop around and offer no resistance. Any knowledge learned here would be greatly appreciated.