Bad luck with Q1250001 filter assemblies.

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Jun 29, 2013
brentwood, ca
husq 21k46
It seems i get only a few primes each unit. Is there a rebuild kit like they have for duramax's? Anywho got an assembly on the way. The original lasted a long time and several uses. The replacement, an exact match I got one maybe two primes and its been at most 2 years. Now I've ordered the LS x-ref- It has a hex head instead of thumb screw air bleed. Everything else is located the same. I'll be taking apart the one i remove and maybe concocting a way to circumvent the silliness and plumb in a primer somehow. very frustrating to be down for days waiting on a part. I tried the blow compressed air across the bleed hole trick. I've had that work before. Not this time. If the new one works, I'll buy a backup. Would be nice to have rebuild kit.
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got it running. the above thread has lots of good info. i pressurized the tank and got fuel out the bleed screw. then the last post in above link helped me understand bleeding the injector pump. there is a fitting with a bleed nipple. i did both procedures a few times and finally got the air out. and it started up.

now primer works.