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Jan 1, 2022
Montana 2740
Hello, new to the forum. I picked up a 2006 Montana 2740 tractor and need some advice on the proper transmission/hydraulic oil. I believe there the same. Book says sae80, seems a little for hydraulic oil. Any brand better than another? Thanks.
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Welcome to TBN and Happy New Year.

Any Universal Tractor Fluid should be fine. I use Mobil Delvac in my tractors.

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Welcome to the site. The above post is correct. I questioned the SAE80 listed in my operators manual when I bought my 2740 new in 2007. The dealer said to just use a good grade of UTF in the transmission and hydraulics, but use 80 or 90w gear oil in the front axle. No problems at all for nearly 15 years. Good little tractor. Even has the original battery still in it!....Dan.
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Thank you K5lwq and Tree Farmer for your input. So far this little tractor has been great. We just got hit with about 20 inches of snow here in the Sierra’s and it was fantastic for moving it. I picked up some Rotella premium Universal transmission hydraulic oil yesterday at Tractor Supply. I don’t know if it’s ever been changed because I cannot get the filter off. Going to have resort to a chisel and hammer.