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Another thing I have noticed about alot of the 550's and 555's is they seem to have a dorky (for lack of better words) bucket. Like way too shallow to hold much volume and not enough rollback. But I have never actually ran one. Only the predecessor....the 4500

Mmm I did notice the bucket will need repair maybe had a chain hook that ripped out?. I will weld in a new hook to have that chain lifting ability for sure.

One thing I want to do is add a hydraulic thumb on the backhoe. Or if that is not possible to add a fixed pin style thumb.

I see Titan attachments has kits for either hydraulic or adjustable pin thumb kits for a reasonable price.

Apparently on the newer 555 from pics, they added a stick right next to the bucket control for the FEL so either there is a different valve body or a PB and added valve on the 555's to actuate things like a 4 way bucket. More reading for me to find out how to add a remote or two.

Can't wait for tomorrow to get this Backhoe home. One of the only times I have paid and then left an item to be picked up later.
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