Kohler Magnum 8 engine available...



Sep 3, 2010
BCS 715
but without a gas tank. So I'd posted sometime ago that I needed a gas tank for my old BCS 715: Looking for a gas tank for my BCS 715

I finally ended up talking to Joel at Earthtools and he had one. The only problem was that it had an engine attached to it :D He told me that he'd let me have it, but I had to take the engine too, so I did. I swapped it out and all is well, but I do still have the other engine around. I was guessing I'd just keep it around for parts if needed at some point, but every now and then I walk past it and start to thinking that maybe someone else might could use it. If someone needs this and is willing to pay shipping plus a few bucks, just let me know. It still has the old, cracked gas tank attached - see the pic below. Oh... I checked my old invoice for Joel shipping the engine to me and the cost was about $85 from Kentucky to VA. Let me know if you have other questions.