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Oct 8, 2014
Australia, Tasmania
Ferrari Powersafe 360
Hi, i have a ferrari powersafe 360, it has the Lombardini 3LD510 12.2 hp motor.

I have been using the rotary hoe that it came with, but i am thinking it is a good idea to get the mouldboard plough attachment so as i can rip the ground first before putting the rotary hoe over it.
The question is, is it a good idea to get the extra wheel weights also, i figured trying to drag the plough through is going to be harder than trying to drag the rotary hoe.
I know with the rotary hoe, if you are making a second pass over what you have already done going uphill a little it really struggles for traction.
Looks like the heaviest weights you can get for them is around 35kg for each wheel.
Dose anyone know what is the maximum weight you can put on each wheel?
They want a very good price for the wheel weights, just two 35kg weights, one for each wheel is almost 3/4 price of a mouldboard plough attachment.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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Had to google that to see what it was.

I dont think you are gonna be pulling a plow with that.
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From what I've seen, the common max wheel weights for others is 100lbs (45kg) per wheel. Another option is to have the tires filled with foam, which adds 80lbs (35kg) per 12" wheel.
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Have you looked into a Berta rotary plow? They're a fantastic attachment with no extra weight needed.

Otherwise, you can pull a moldboard plow with a walk-behind. Earth Tools makes a pair of barbell posts to mount to the center of the wheel to mount barbell weight plates. This is the most cost-effective option for adding weights. Typically, barbell weight plates can be had for pennies per pound (or KG) at many yard sales. Another option for more traction is to buy steel wheels to replace your rubber tires.

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Yes, the Ferrari powersafe 360 is just another BCS Two wheel tractor, same as all the others, it is the largest one BCS makes.
They are designed to work with the mouldboard plough attachment.

Cheers on the weights, 45 kg per wheel sounds pretty good, was also going to part fill the tires with water to help traction also.
Barbell weights is something that could be worth looking into, much cheaper than getting the weights that they try to sell.