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Nov 29, 2017
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I took at look at a TYM T474 yesterday, and liked everything about it ... except the 3PT Hitch and remote controls, which brought up a question.

Aside from the horrible location, and the flimsy material covering the controls, there does not seem to be any way to set a stop so that the 3PT can be brought up, and then lowered back to the same location. Most tractors seem to have a small slider on the 3PT control with a thumb screw, so the position of the 3PT can be set for repeatable positioning. Is that not possible on the TYM's, or am I simply missing something stupid? This would be a deal breaker for me, so I'm hoping I just missed something on it.
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I have the adjustable stops on the 3 pt for my 353. I would think they should be available for yours or perhaps you could use some simple hardware (bolt, washers and wing nut) to make your own. Ask the dealer if they are available.
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To clarify, this is what the 3PT control looks like on the T474. It has just sort of a cloth covering, as opposed to hard plastic. I'm not even sure how you could fabricate your own stopper for it, with the flimsy cloth covering.

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I have the stop on my 454
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The flimsy material as you mentioned is there as isolation and sound proofing material to keep the noise down, since it's a cabbed version.

To me, it actually looks pretty good though.

Anyway, it's not to had to make a stopper for it. You just need to extend the knob higher. I didn't realize that a simple stopper was that important. I've never had the need for one.
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You're right! I just got back from looking at Mahindra, and sat inside a TYM made 2638. It has the same cover, but does have sheet metal below it which, as you mentioned, would allow a stopper to be fabricated.

The time I spent using a box blade (maybe it's just my inexperience) the stopper was invaluable for setting a consistent height as I was spreading new gravel. This will be a regular task for me, and so I want the convenience of it.
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Forgot about the box blade as it's not a common thing over here. I can see how it could be useful.

I do have a scrape blade that I've built, I don't have a stopper but I do have draft control. I set it to a sensitive setting and it works quite nicely also.
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Here is a picture of my T474 3 pt. lever control area. IMG_5060.jpg You cannot see the numbers while in the operators seat unless you lean over far, as they are tucked under the seat. They should have been put closer to the control lever.
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I have a T474 and am looking for a way to make a stopper. Using the picture, I may try to fabricate something that attaches to the seat bolts in the picture.
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My older model 2810 has stops for up and down and i use them all the time , My 2538 did not have them and i thought they just cheaped out on this tractor . I did make my own and it works fine,