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May 22, 2021
Yanmar YM2210D Grey Market
Spacers update...I canceled my order with UTV. They did not know the bolt pattern or specs for my YM2210. They wanted that info from me. I did not have it. I went with Bora. Everywhere I looked, all good things about Bora. They were $395 for aluminum 4" spacers. But another $55 bucks shipping. That was steep. Taking 4 weeks. I am still at $450 for the set. Waiting for them to come. I did get the specs from them if anyone needs to know. For a YM2210. 95mm hub, 140mm x 6 bolt pattern and the bolts are 16-2 standard thread. I will post a pic once I get them on. Did fill the tires with beet juice. Did it myself, took about 4 hours but I was busy with other stuff so it was pretty easy and well worth it. I saw somewhere a post about putting a valve stem on a jug. I used a laundry soap plastic bottle. Cut most of the top off except for the handle. Drilled a 1/2" hole in the bottom and pulled a valve stem through the hole. 1/4" clear plastic tubing to both valve stems. Bottle to wheel. . Clamped the bottle to my ROPS and just kept filling it. Had to pull the tubing off the tire stem after every gallon to let it burp. Worked like a charm. I got the Beet juice at Les Schwab. I brought two empty 55 gallon drums and had them put about 20 gallons in each drum so I could move them around by myself once I got home. Probably should have waited on the beet juice until after I got the spacers. I had put beet juice in about a week before I ordered the spacers. We will see how hard it is to move a 275 LB tire by myself ;)