John Deere Expands Gator Utility Vehicle Family

OverallJohn Deere updates its crossover utility vehicle lineup with the addition of the Gatorℱ XUV560 and XUV560 S4. The mid-size model is designed for operators seeking an affordable, comfortable and versatile 4×4 utility vehicle. Outfitted with an ergonomic operator station, quiet V-twin engine, independent four-wheel suspension, four-wheel drive and availability of more than 75 attachments, the Gator XUV560 and XUV560 S4 can help you tackle all of the tough jobs around your property.

“This update to our Gator family provides even more options for our customers to choose from,” said Mark Davey, John Deere marketing manager, Gator utility vehicles. “The XUV560 was crafted to deliver all the bells and whistles you expect from John Deere, at an attractive price tag.”

The vehicles are designed for all-day comfort with car-like convenience. The XUV560 and XUV560 S4 offer easy entry and exit through an occupant protective structure, and safety is a top requirement, with three point seat belts and side grab handles. Both models offer sealed under hood storage and feature a large, one-piece cargo box made of material that eliminates rust and dents and reduces noise. The tailgate features truck-like performance, only requiring one hand for operation and can be opened or removed for easier cleanout or to carry longer items.

The Gator XUV560 and XUV560 S4 come standard with four-wheel independent suspension, providing an unparalleled ride over challenging terrain and excellent handling through tough corners. The Gator models are powered by a 34.8 cu in. (570cc), V-twin gasoline engine, and the carburetor is tuned for rapid throttle response, reliable cold-weather starting, smooth mid-range power delivery and quiet idling. They feature swift acceleration with a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h) to quickly handle the toughest jobs on your property.

Available in a two-seat or four-seat model, the XUV560 can seat a single passenger or a crowd. Optional add-ons for the cargo box such as a rail system, power lift, wall extensions and a spare tire rack make the list of projects operators can accomplish seemingly endless. To get the most out of the XUV560, consider the 75 attachment options from lighting, to tire upgrades to racks and guards, for a custom vehicle that is all your own.

The Gator XUV560 and XUV560 S4 utility vehicles are currently available at your local John Deere dealer. For more information, visit

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