Krone Expands BiG X Range of Harvesters

BiG_X_480_Einsatz_1Introducing its new Big X 530 and 630 models, Krone is expanding its portfolio in the mid-range power bracket by two new 530hp and 626hp machines. All BiG X family members feature the new MaxFlow drum and the VariQuick quick change system for switching quickly between the grass duct and the corn conditioner as standard. StreamControl crop throw adjustment is also available as an option.

At 630 mm wide and 660 mm diameter MaxFlow drum has been designed specifically to handle the engine outputs of the Big X 480-630 models. It is available with a choice of 20, 28 or 36 knives, making it ideal for use in all conditions. The new knife arrangement below the knife carrier frees up extra carrying space, allows more throughput and makes for extremely smooth running even when chopping at long LOCs. The knife bar also protects the drum body from wear. In addition, Krone is offering a biogas cutterhead with 40 knives in the form of a special drum for short LOCs (2.5-15 mm).

Just as convenient and practical is the VariQuick system which enables the operator to switch quickly and easily from the corn conditioner to the grass duct. The corn conditioner and grass duct are connected and can be moved according to the pull-out drawer principle, giving the forage harvester much greater flexibility in the field: no matter whether you’re chopping maize, grass or whole crop silage, with the fast VariQuick system it takes just a few minutes to reconfigure the machine or remove the corn conditioner altogether.

StreamControl crop throw allows the operator to control the crop throw from the cab via a hinged flap in the rear wall of the accelerator.  If he selects the “short” crop throw setting, there will be little contact between the crop and the accelerator. This fuel-saving setting is recommended for regular harvester operation with the trailer driving alongside the forager. When the crop throw is set to “medium/long”, there is more, or even complete, contact between the crop and the accelerator. This function is ideal for situations such as opening up a field with the trailer following behind the forage harvester.
Krone has also expanded its corn conditioner range and is now offering a new variant with 105 teeth – ideal for the new trend towards longer chopping lengths in maize (20 mm or more).  Just like other models, the new core conditioner features a 250 mm roller diameter, giving it a large friction surface for perfect kernel treatment.

BiG X 480 Nachteinsatz_2In terms of the engine, Krone has stuck with its tried and tested MTU technology (R6 engine). Power is transmitted straight to the cutterhead via poly V-belts, and naturally the engine complies with all future emission legislation worldwide (Stage IV/Final Tier 4). Another highlight is the cleverly designed independent wheel suspension which makes the Big X extremely manoeuvrable. For different in-field uses, Krone also offers a wide range of tyres for its new Big X 530 and 630 forage harvesters. Another strong benefit: even with 42” tyres, the new models still manage to stay below a transport width of 3 m.

The Krone ConstantPower engine load control system is available on all Krone forage harvesters. This system automatically adjusts the machine’s ground speed to the engine loading, ensuring optimum torque and throughput. The ground speed is varied so that the engine always operates at the preset rpm.

For the Big X 530 and 630 models, Krone also offers PowerSplit, an intelligent electronic engine management system that automatically adjusts the engine output to the current harvest conditions. In the field, the operator has the choice of two modes. In applications that need less input power, such as second cuts, he can select the ultra-fuel-efficient Eco-Power mode. The common-rail technology develops its full potential in X-Power mode, under full load in difficult maize conditions, giving the Big X an unprecedented power dimension.
To sum up, the two new Big X 530 and Big X 630 models are an effective enhancement of the Krone forage harvester programme, which now features the right machine for every customer need in the mid-range power bracket as well.

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