Introducing the New Toro SnowMaster

09032015_snowmaster_3Toro is forging the next evolution in snow removal with the new SnowMaster® snowblower. This first-of-its-kind snowblower defies definition, combining the best features of snow-removing technology into one easy-to-use, timesaving machine. It’s faster, easier to maneuver and more efficient, saving you up to 30%* of the time you spend clearing what Mother Nature dishes out.

The SnowMaster powers through deep, heavy snow with ease thanks to its in-line two-stage auger technology. The steel rotor on the SnowMaster has a helical design that breaks up the snow, collects it to the center and throws the snow up to 40-feet out of the way**. The rotor also spins ten times faster than typical two-stage rotors, and the tall auger opening increases snow capacity by 25% to move more than a ton of snow per minute*. A larger intake opening also helps to reduce clogging.

Revolutionary features make the SnowMaster incredibly easy to handle. Toro’s innovative and proven Personal Pace® self-propel system, commonly used on Toro walk power mowers, automatically adjusts to your walking speed up to 3.5 mph. With Toro’s Personal Pace technology, the new SnowMaster delivers up to 50% faster ground speed* to help you get the job done quickly. Integrated automatic steering makes turning nearly effortless, while the Quick Stick® chute control makes changing the chute direction and angle as easy as using a joystick. A compression-loaded scraper bar hugs the ground, clearing down to the pavement better than a comparable two-stage snowblower*. The result is a clear, clean driveway in less time with less effort. Look for new Toro SnowMaster snowblowers available now at select Toro dealers,, and select The Home Depot stores. Three models are available, with prices starting at $649.

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  • I wish Toro would just build units with a solid drum auger with serrated auger paddle sections like the bercomac snow casters as a solid auger is better for removing snow and it also allows the impeller to work more efficiently throwing the snow further.

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