Zetor Tractors Extends Range of 40-70 Horsepower Tractors

Late last year, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., the European manufacturer of agriculture tractors, presented three new tractor models. Thus, the portfolio of ZETOR tractors was extended from 46 to 76 hp. They are utility tractors with outstanding maneuverability and wide use in agriculture, rural livestock, and road maintenance; they are also ideal for hobby farms, horticulture, schools, universities, utility companies, sports complexis. The new tractors offer premium front end loaders with multiple attachments using the Skid Steer carrier.

The tractor models NOW AVAILABLE are (MAJOR HT 45, MAJOR HT 55, MAJOR HS 65 AND MAJOR HS 80) UTILITY tractors with A WIDE ARRAY OF FEATURES AND BENEFITS. They can be widely used in agriculture and various ground engaging operations, by rural livestock, in horticulture, orchards, parks and recreation, sports complex grounds and road maintenance. The tractors are ideal for front end loader operation, mowing, brush cutting, backhoe operations, ground engagement tools such as box blade, angle blade, landscape rakes, fertilizer spreaders and many other tools. ZETOR SYSTEM front end loaders are designed and available for each Major HT and HS model tractor.

“In the area of total sales, the American market is dominated by tractors with horsepower below 80 hp which were not offered by Zetor until the end of 2017’. For this reason, ZETOR extended their portfolio from 46hp to 76hp in 2018’.   Zetor emphasized the importance features and benefits that customers ask for: Low operation costs combined with power, performance, longevity and comfort with a wide array of attachments to fit their new tractor,” says Mike Boucher, Director of Sales & Operations, ZETOR NORTH AMERICA.



The heart of the MAJOR HT range are four-cylinder engines with horse power ratings of 46.1 hp and 55.0 hp meeting TIER 4 FINAL emission standard. Hydrostatic transmission with three ranges and electronic cruise control can be easily controlled by the operator through dual foot pedals Forward and Reverse and dual individual brake pedals. The maximum ground speed is 19.9 mph. The hydraulic wet-disc braking system turns the tractor into a safe work-HORSE which meets US Safety standards. All 3 tractors are equipped Hydrostatic Power steering with Tilt and an independent hydraulic circuit with 2- rear remote valves and 4-couplers with flows up to 16.1 GPM. Implements that require hydraulic GPM flow such as front-end loaders and backhoes are easily powered with Zetor’s powerful hydraulic system. The tractors come factory equipped with a Premium All Weather Cab complete with air conditioning, heater, defrost, climate control plus a premium AM/FM/CD sound system to provide the customer with ultimate comfort.


MAJOR HS 65 is equipped with a 4-cylinder 67 hp diesel engine meeting TIER 4 FINAL emission standards and a PTO hp rating of 62.0. The tractor’s 24F/24R PowerShuttle transmission gives the operator superb control of all operating situations. The PowerShuttle allows the operator to change motion of the tractor from forward to reverse and vice versa without the need of depressing the clutch pedal.  The maximum ground speed is 20.2 mph. The HS65 tractor comes equipped with all the premium hydraulic and Cab features as it’s little brothers in the HT series.



MAJOR HS 80 is equipped with a 4-cylinder 75.3 hp diesel engine meeting TIER 4 FINAL emission standards and a PTO hp rating of 68.0. The tractor’s 24F/12R PowerShuttle transmission with a semi-2-speed PowerShift and PowerClutch feature gives the operator ultimate performance and control. The PowerShuttle allows the operator to change motion of the tractor from forward to reverse and vice versa without the need of depressing the clutch pedal just like the little brother HS65, plus the HS80 can also shift through the 4-speed gearbox simply by using the PowerClutch button located on the shifting knob and never having to clutch the tractor manually.  The maximum ground speed is 25 mph. The HS80 tractor comes equipped with a new Premium All Weather Climate Controlled Cab with many standard features such as a fold-up Instructor seat with retractable seatbelt, Premium high-back cloth operator seat with for/aft/swivel and weight adjustments including dual armrest and retractable seatbelt, AM/FM/CD Stereo sound system and much more.  The new hydraulic system provides 20 GPM flow with 2-rear remote valves and 4 couplers standard with an option of 3 including float plus dedicated flow to the power steering circuit including telescopic and tilt wheel adjustments.

ZETOR, the European tractor manufacturer founded in 1946, has been selling tractors, loaders and implements in the North American market for 40 years with sales of over 29,000 tractors. The larger models, Major, Proxima and Forterra, are offered with horsepower ranging from 80 to 150 hp. ZETOR SYSTEM equipment includes front loaders. For more information on new products by the ZETOR brand, visit www.zetorna.com

On ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. Company

ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. is the manufacturer of ZETOR tractors. The production premises are located in Czech Republic in Europe. Currently, there are 650 members of staff in Czech and another 100 abroad where ZETOR is represented by six subsidiaries (affiliations): in the UK, France, Germany, Poland, North America, and India. 85 % of total production is for export. Apart from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Ireland, Germany, the UK, France, and the USA are among traditional markets of the brand.

In 2016, the ZETOR brand was celebrating its 70th anniversary. During its existence, it has sold more than 1.3 million tractors to 136 countries of the world. To its customers, ZETOR offers an ideal balance of quality and price of their products. The Company’s own production and development center in Czech ensures continuous innovation of tractors: they offer the best combination of strength and engine power, easy and practical design and excellent operation effectiveness. The current portfolio of the ZETOR brand comprises tree tractor model ranges (MAJOR, PROXIMA, FOTERRA) with power ranging from 40 to 150 hp. Another extension of the model ranges with higher power is planned for the future. At AGRITECHNICA 2017 exhibition, the Company presented the first MAJOR model range in the unique and attractive ZETOR design which shall gradually be applied to all ZETOR tractors. In addition to tractors, the Company produces and sells engines and tractor components. Among other things, the offer includes of front loaders ZETOR SYSTEM and original ZETOR oils. ZETOR also provides services in the area of service and sale of spare parts; the Company is able to deliver requested components anywhere in the world.

For more details about the ZETOR brand and its products, visit:



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