Zetor’s Original Parts Offer Precise Fit

Tractors have been inseparably connected with agriculture for decades. During that time, they have come a substantially long way. Today’s tractors offer technologies and solutions which farmers never dreamt of in the past. However, what time has not changed is the need to service tractors on a regular basis. That is why the ZETOR brand places emphasis not only on the sales of new tractors and attachments, but also on the availability of original replacement parts.

Original replacement parts are offered through authorized Zetor dealers and through Zetor North America, www.zetorna.com in the Sales and Service Network section. Mike Boucher, Director of Sales & Operations, ZETOR NORTH AMERICA specifies why customers should pay attention to who they purchase original parts from: ”Authorized dealers are authorized to sell replacement parts and to service ZETOR brand tractors and attachments. Dealers are trained in this field regularly and have the widest awareness of the possibilities and suitable solutions. Dealers can supply a tried-and-true replacement part and ensures the correct installation into the tractor and or implement. This is important to guarantee the correct function and life of the tractor and attachment.”

“Only the original fits precisely” says the slogan used by the ZETOR brand in its spare parts campaign. It draws attention to the subject of forging parts and misusing the ZETOR trademark, which can be prosecuted.  Like “Only original replacement parts are precise and fits correctly”

“We recorded cases when users of ZETOR tractors were deceived by non-authorized dealers who delivered a non-original part to them which then damaged the tractor and or attachment. The resulting investment in the repair of the tractor and or attachment was more expensive than if they would have used the services of an authorized dealer from the beginning. Therefore, we call upon all users of ZETOR tractors and attachments to be cautious and check all information first before they decide to buy an item,” concludes Mike Boucher.

The ZETOR brand gradually extends its sales range by new products, but in spite of this it does not forget about older tractors and attachments like front end loaders and drum mowers. ZETOR tractors have been helping customers in agriculture, municipality and home owners in their everyday work for over 70 years.

“Historically, Zetor has sold over 1.3 million tractors in more than 100 markets around the world and the number is climbing. This positive fact is also a commitment for ZETOR to provide clients with original replacement parts for older types of tractors and attachments,” says Mike Boucher.

The story of each part and component in the tractors and attachments originates during the development of a new product on the drawing board or, nowadays, in computer design programs used for these purposes. This is followed by testing, when the key parameters and properties are tested on prototype parts. Once a component is ready, it’s the series production turn, when a part of components is used in new tractors and attachments, a part is stored to be used as original replacement parts.

“Zetor North America is located in Jacksonville, Florida USA which houses over 20,000 parts items and are available consisting of more than 1.5 million pieces.  The important thing is that Zetor has replacement parts from present day tractors and attachments to historical tractors and attachments from the unified range I, which was manufactured in the 1960s,” Mike Boucher adds.

Portions of replacement parts are made by ZETOR TRACTOR a.s. in the Czech Republic, Europe. With regard to the total number of items, it is clear that there are parts supplied by our business partners that require quality assurance and a high thresshold of quality and support for the life of the product.

“Parts made by ZETOR include internal components for engines, transmissions, differentials, axles and many other components,” Mike Boucher specifies.

The path of an original replacement part only starts with stocking original replacement parts at Zetor North America in Florida, USA.

“Based on orders, the parts are dispatched from Zetor North America to authorized dealers throughout Canada and the United States.

The end user and or the owner of Zetor manufactured tractors and attachments can pick-up and or place an order for original replacement parts through their authroiized Zetor tractor dealer. ZETOR tractor dealers have their own replacement  parts which they replenish continuously,” concludes Mike Boucher on how parts reach customers.

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Zetor’s Original Parts Offer Precise Fit

Tractors have been inseparably connected with agriculture for decades. During that time, they have come a substantially long way. Today’s tractors offer technologies and solutions

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