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    Default New chains...Does this look right ???!!!


    Happy as a pig in sugar to have got my new chains in just one day after ordering them...BUT...

    I don't have the right tensioners...they will arrive on Monday. Put the chains on today. I have NEVER seen chains this loose before. Can this be right? Do you think I was sent the wrong size chains?

    My feeling is that these are the wrong size for my 12.4x16 tires.

    What do you guys think??? I put a couple plastic bottles between the tire and the chain for reference. One is a quart the other bottle is a half gallon.

    Could even heavy duty tensioners be expected to pull these chains tight enough for satisfactory use?

    I kind of doubt it...but what do I know?

    Appreciate any input! The inside is as tight as it will go, and the outside is as well. I will post three pictures. Pgh, PA
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    Default Re: New chains...Does this look right ???!!!

    Here is a second shot...both sides are the same by the way...
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    Default Re: New chains...Does this look right ???!!!

    this is the outside connector. Can't make it tighter without cutting off one fo the cross chains, as far as I can see...

    The inside is as tight as it will go also...

    Grateful for any thoughts...

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    Default Re: New chains...Does this look right ???!!!

    Gee...maybe I can answer my own question!

    Looks like correct chaiin for my tire size is number 849.

    The boxes that were delivered have 2-link 850 written on them. My guess is that they sent the wrong sizse too large.

    The order entry page on their web site calls out 849, as does the email confirmation I received...


    Anyway, enjoy the photos if your are into chains and rubber...[img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I will report the resolution to this after I call them on Monday!

    Bill in Pgh, PA

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    Default Re: New chains...Does this look right ???!!!

    Yep-- they need to be shorter!! One thing about chains,, they are easy to make shorter!!! Don

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    Default Re: New chains...Does this look right ???!!!


    I did a little more checking and figured out exactly what happened.

    I was sent chains for 13.6x16 tires. If I were to shorten these I would end up with one [or two?] less cross links...

    So I am sure they have to go back and the proper ones sent to me. I hope they have the proper ones in stock!

    Easy turns into difficult sometimes! Such is life!

    Bill in Pgh, PA

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    Default Re: New chains...Does this look right ???!!!

    Bill -- The chains look fine to me. You just need a bigger tractor! [img]/w3tcompact/icons/laugh.gif[/img]


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    Default Re: New chains...Does this look right ???!!!

    Bigger tractor...YEA!

    That what I keep saying to my wife...well at least I have been pointing those comments at the kitchen...[img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Unfortunately, she is visiting her home and is out of the my comments are falling the floor I guess...

    Better get that idea out of my system...the new B2910 is only 3 months old...


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    Default Re: New chains...Does this look right ???!!!

    What you have there is a failure to communicate! Fortunately, for you, they sent chains that are too long, and not too short. Back a few years, it was common to get over length chains, cause it was cheaper to stock a few sizes rather than hundreds of sizes.
    If youhave the specs, check to see if the cross chains on the #849 and #850 chain set are the same. If so, just cut off the excess side chain and buckle them up. It's a lot better to install the chain first and then cut the side chain with a pair of bolt cutters. Side chains are soft, cross chains are hard as h#11. Save what you cut off for future repairs.
    If the cross chains on the 849 set are shorter than on the 850 set, make em send the right chains. Too long of cross chains will chew up the paint on the wheels. The side chain should ride on the tire, not the wheel.

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    Default Re: New chains...Does this look right ???!!!


    <font color=blue>What you have there is a failure to communicate! </font color=blue>

    No, I don't think so. They confirmed my order as the 849, but sent the 850...

    Frankly, I don't want to bother cutting anything. I think since the only difference is the tire width, the number of cross chains should be the same on both the 12.4 and 13.6 tires. To make what I was sent work on my tires, I would have to lose a cross chain or two...a loss that I don't want to take.

    Anyway, from what I can see, these guys will make it right and the only hassle will be me putting the chains back into a box and getting them to UPS.

    Mistakes are made and I can live with that. Bad for both sides...I lose time and they lose money paying shipping three times in stead of one time.


    Bill in Pgh, PA

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