The New Toro Workman MDX-D Utility Vehicle

BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota—The new Toro® Workman® MDX-D marks the company’s first mid-duty utility vehicle featuring a diesel engine. Incorporating all of the innovative features of the Workman line, this new diesel unit provides powerful performance and durable operation, boasting higher torque, greater fuel efficiency and exceptional operator comfort through the SRQ (Superior Ride Quality) suspension system.

Workman MDX-D: Toro's first mid-duty utility vehicle

The 36.55 cubic inch (599 cc) Kubota diesel engine on the MDX-D is liquid cooled providing longer engine life than gas engine models. And with the CVT (continuous variable transmission) belt-drive transmission design, this unit delivers high compression rates, resulting in greater power, improved towing capacity and better fuel economy. The MDX-D has a 6.5-gal (24.6 L) capacity fuel tank, increasing this model’s productivity around the jobsite.

Another advantage of the MDX-D is its payload capacity of 1,650 lbs (750 kg), which is one of the highest in its class. With increased torque, this machine has the power to get up hills or pull heavy loads, enabling operators to maximize their productivity and tackle the toughest jobs.

Operators will also appreciate the smooth ride of the Workman MDX-D. As with all models in the Workman MD series, the MDX-D combines a coil-over shock absorber suspension design with a patented Active In-Frame twister joint that allows each axle to follow ground contours independently. This unique SRQ suspension cushions the operator from bumps regardless of payload to improve comfort and vehicle control.

For even more productivity and performance, a variety of MDX-D accessories and attachments are available. A deluxe hard cab, canopy top and windshield provide protection from the sun and other elements. The rollover protective system (ROPS), brush guard and heavy-duty bumper add stability and protection for operating on challenging terrain. With these and a wide range of other accessories and attachments, the Workman MDX-D quickly adapts to almost any job in any season.

With its increased power, torque and fuel efficiency, as well as outstanding operator comfort, long service life, and adaptability, the new diesel Workman MDX-D is sure to be a jobsite workhorse.

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