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BOOMER3040 New Holland
Solid Mid-Sized Tractor
Model Year: 2010

I shopped locally only and narrowed my choices to Kubota and NH based on what was available. I chose the NH based on ergonomics, features, reputation of the machine and the dealer and value. I don't think I erred. The Boomer has been very reliable and easy to use so far.It came with a FEL and I added a Landpride bush hog. The purchase with no down payment and no interest for 5 yrs. is hard to beat. And, I'm partial to blue.

Pros: Features, value, reliability, ease of use.
Cons: Not as "comfy" as the orange machine, but no big deal.

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5.00 star(s)

BOOMER3040 New Holland
Selector Levers
Model Year: 2010

Changing the gear speed with the left hand lever is sometime difficult. Also changing from 2 wheel to 4 wheel drive. Other than those two items, the tractor has performed very well. I really like the safety features, i.e. come off the seat and the tractor turns off; the roll bar, hydro-static drive (when your foot comes off the pedal, the tractor stops). My grandfather was killed when his tractor rolled on him. Safety is important.

Pros: Quality, safety features, powerful, get 4 wheel drive.
Cons: Selector linkage not smooth on speed and 4 wheel drive.

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