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TN55 New Holland
TN55S: 4wd, cab, supersteer, loader
Model Year: 1999

First, More tractor than I need. 2nd: Supersteer is awesome, with the caveat that running the loader is sometimes a lot like backing a bumper mount trailer into a small parking space. You learn to counter steer in advance to get the bucket/forks where you want them (the loader will move 8" in the opposite direction when first changing direction, then catch up). 3rd: First year of this line up. Has a few teething issues (loader mounts where redesigned a few years later to a stronger design). My loader mount had been improperly repaired, and I ended up fixing it. Another design issue -- early loader hydraulics are run off of rear remotes, with the hoses tied off and run under the tractor. Not as easy to remove/attach loader. Has the expensive and prone to rust auto hydraulic hose disconnect. 'D' model has cheaper and simpler type. Mine has 3 of them now. 4th: Need to run the rpm up a bit at start up so that the clutch pressure sensor doesn't time out and disable the clutch. 5th: Easy to use. 6th: Cab will not fit in a standard height garage. 7th: some have complained of NH wiring. No issue with a cab as the wiring is out of the weather. 8th: Some long term concern about the 3 computers and the electronic dash. 'D' models are simpler in these respects. 9th: Now that I have it, I wished I had bought the 12 or 16 speed trans (machine was available as 2x4, 3x4, or 4x4 trans; gives more choices of range. Also, the rest of the TN 55-75 line has a heavier front axle. I think that would also be better (no problems, just a better balanced design). 10th: Very maneuverable.

Pros: Great brakes, shuttle shift clutch, extendable end links of lower arms of 3 point, tilt telescope steering wheel, cab, supersteer, skid steer mount bucket.
Cons: Later model hood drops down more, better vision of the bucket/loader.

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