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TN65DA New Holland
New Holland TN65D MFWD with Cab
Model Year: 2000

I purchased this tractor with mechanical shuttle, 16x16 geared transmission, heated & cooled cab with light package, and LA32 loader with 84" material bucket & pallet forks, loaded rear tires. This has been a very good tractor. Has a fuel efficient, 3 cylinder Iveco diesel engine. Axles are very strong. Loader can lift over 2,200 lbs easily. Tractor pulls a 5-bottom 14" plow, 12' disc, runs an 84" Erskine 3-point snowblower, Bush Hog 2510 rotary cutter, without trouble. Road speed in highest gear is 18-19 mph but quickly loses power running uphill in high gear. Tractor starts well, but drains battery when sitting for long periods. I install a new battery, on average, every 2 years. Bottom line: Good tractor. Always meets my needs. Retains good resale value. Lots of people are looking for these older TN series tractors.

Pros: Powerful hydraulics, comfortable cab, easy to use, reliable, durable, holds it's value.
Cons: Runs down batteries, poor electrical system, quirky electronic instrument display.

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