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4.00 star(s)

TN75D New Holland
Model Year: 2003

Overall the tractor has been a good investment. My biggest gripe is with dealer service. I have been very disappointed in my previous dealer. It ended up costing me $3000 to fix a $200 part, due to their inexperience and knowledge of their products. I am still finding things left loose, missing, etc. Two hours after getting it back the fuel tank fell off and was ran over. Dealer says “It had nothing to do with their work”. I continue to have issues with the PTO. I will be taking it to another dealer next week and expect to have a hefty repair bill for that. Again parts and pieces left loose inside the case by the first dealer.

Pros: Good tractor, powerfull, relible
Cons: Poor service from deale

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TN75D New Holland
Very Good Tractor
Model Year: 2007

I have a 75d with shuttle 16 speed transmission and a810 loader haven't had any problems.

Pros: All around good tractor
Cons: No problems

3.00 star(s)

TN75D New Holland
Model Year: 2004

I like the agility of the TN75DA, with self leveling loader, MFWD, but front end MFWD repair has been over $7000 past two years. The tractor is the primary mover for 800 big bales annually, and perhaps this is too much for this machine. The 3 point also fails up if I attempt to lift a heavy load(2000 plus lbs ). The dealer has not been able to fix it, and if I turn the tractor off for 10 minutes, it releases and I go about my business(with a smaller bale). It seems like some kind of hydraulic problem, but erratic and frustrating.

Pros: Agile, ease of mounting/dismounting, & self leveling loader.
Cons: Reliability of MFWD, computer, fuel leaks, & maintenance repair costs.

5.00 star(s)

TN75D New Holland
TN75D with Cab and Bush Hog Loader - 2WD
Model Year: 2003

This tractor is an excellent tractor. It is small enough to transport easily, but has plenty of horsepower for round baling. The only problems have been minor - paint peeling from hood, Temp control switch broke. I am just now replacing the original battery (in 2012). As with other 3 cylinders, the engine is noisy - but this doesn't affect me in the cab. It pulls well and does good at a variety of farm work - plowing, discing, hauling wagons, disc mowing, baling, moving pallets with forks, loading dirt and rocks.

Pros: Tight turning radius, nice cab and A/C, good lighting and visibility.
Cons: The PTO lever is awkward to use while looking backwards, the early model TNs have strange hydraulic spool valves for the loader that are not my favorite.

4.00 star(s)

TN75D New Holland
Hydraulics Bad
Model Year: 1998

Cannot find anyone who knows how to fix the hydraulic problem in this tractor! We have spent thousands of dollars and no results!

Pros: Great tractor when it was working.
Cons: Cannot find anyone to fix it. Paint coming off of hood.

5.00 star(s)

TN75D New Holland
New Holland TN75D
Model Year: 2001

I recently purchased my first New Holland. It's a TN75D. I purchased it extremely cheap $10,000 Australian dollars. A bit rough around the edges with broken lights & stuff but only 3544 hours. I must say its a pleasure to drive & seems to operate really well. My only issue with it is it has an oil leak at the PTO shaft, so I am hoping it won't cost me an arm & a leg to fix. I am getting conflicting info on getting it fixed with the local New Holland dealer saying it may have to remove cab to fix PTO seal, & others saying the cab doesn't need removing.

Pros: Nice compact 4wd tractor.
Cons: None at this stage.

2.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TN75D New Holland
Model Year: 2002

This is one of the worst tractors I've ever owned. The torque plate has broken three times. The factory play in the transfer case lets the back tires rotate before the front. This causes a shock load to everything. None of the dealers can help. There answer is to deal it. It is a piece of junk.

Pros: Not much
Cons: Everything

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