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TZ18 New Holland
4 Acre Dream Machine
Model Year: 2007

I had a few tractor choices for our yard. The requirements were 1 mow (2 acres rough 2 acres yard), a loader (for snow), and 3pt. for possible attachments. I love the tractor to date. Although, obviously the previous owner left it outside day in and out for the first 150 hrs till we got it. The throttle cable did brake--is an easy fix though. Is easy to get used to the two pedal hydro drive. It was a little bit tough--a lot of full reverse thinking it was the brake. The lower rough acres turned into nice field after mowing it this summer and has made it a real usable place for us to have a bon fire and fish off the bank of the river. I used the fel to launch and remove dock. What a big bonus!!. I also used the 48" box scraper to lay gravel down the road to river and turn over the gravel in driveway. It worked awesome. I highly recommend that attachment . Overall the tractor has been great. I've been trying to run a log splitter. I might need to turn up relief valve on hydros or sharpen the blade of splitter...I'm open to ideas. Other than that the wife loves it she cut the lower acres and was moving the massive logs around bon fire with the fel to cut the grass. It was a real sight--she had the biggest smile on her face moving those huge trees. We went down to the states to get the tractor and got a pretty good deal on it and I know it will be a long time staple in our house.

Pros: All metal fenders are great when rubbing trees. The speed of cut, fel ability, and having everything in a tight easy to use tractor.
Cons: 2 pedal hydro, possible hydro release valve adjustment, & a foggy light lense.

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