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    Ethanol vs non ethanol gas

    I have been using E10 out of the local pumps. For my small engines, I always buy the 93 octane premium. I assume it痴 E10. I bought a gas powered log splitter, with a Kohler engine. It has a warning, no E15. I am going to look into what I知 buying, and maybe change gas stations. I知 thinking...
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    Dog pics

    Sara our boxer pup, just chillin!
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    Battery minder on a generator ?

    I am thinking of putting a battery minder on my whole house generator. Can I leave it on while the Jenny is running? I think I can, but I would like some other thoughts .....
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    Good morning!!!!

    Local farmer died over the weekend. The funeral home ha a huge John Deere tractor parked in front. He used a lot of JD equipment. I’ll try to post s pic.
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    D&G Deere dealer now selling Kubota?

    Just heard this today. D&G are a large chain of John Deere stores, in Michigan. I found it surprising, I noticed that come up on Google as Kubota Dealer. These guys sell big iron, big combines, all green unti now? This also puts a much smaller Kubota dealer about a mile away in a bad...
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    TBN merchanduse?

    I'd like to get a TBN coffee mug, any chance of TBN selling them? I know its not a high profit item....:)
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    Illinois cop that committed suicide...

    This may not be the right forum for this, so if it needs to be zapped, I understand. I have been reading the news of the cop in Illinois that committed suicide. Reading his list of crimes and unethical behavior is pretty shocking to me. It leaves me with a bunch of questions: How did he ever...
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    Roofing nailer

    I need to repair the roof on a commercial building I own. The shingles on one side a getting pretty funky. The other side already had a 2nd covering of shingles and looks ok. I plan on putting a 2nd roof on the bad side, I don't want to do a tear off, as I plan on selling the building in a...
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    Trailer hitch on 99 Suburban - will it fit a 2002 1500 pickup?

    Looking for a trailer hitch for my 2002 1/2 ton chevy pickup. A local has a hitch from a 99 Suburban for sale, anybody know if it will fit?
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    Weather forcing people to move?

    We have had 2 pretty stiff winters here in Michigan, and most of the north. I had 2 neighbor's move into town last year, they both bought condos. The winter was really the last straw for them, they just could not handle it anymore. And I have several friends that are talking about moving to...
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    Snow Decisions?

    I waiting until tomorrow to plow out my property and the neighbors, I want to have all the snow down, I don't care to do it twice. What do you guys do?
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    Basement floor prep

    I might be working on putting a concrete floor in the basement of a building. Floor is 1500 sq ft. To get it to a full 8 ft, I need to remove about 16 in of matieral, over the whole surface. Access is only a staircase. One problem is the volume of matieral. My calculation is about 74...
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    Longest power outage?

    I was just thinking about checking my genset out, it's a propane unit, 15kw. The longest I've been out is 7 days. Consumer's power, in Michigan.
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    "Programming error"

    I have been trying to access a thread, "Good Morning" , on rural living. I keep getting a error - it says that the website has a error. I can get on other threads, but not this one, so that sounds goofy?
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    Rust proofing effective?

    I am buying my wife a new vehicle in a few weeks, I am interested in rust proofing. Is any of it really any good? I try to buy new and drive it to death. Most cars around here are showing rust after 5 to 7 years. A lot of salt used around here.