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    Brush Grapple

    And then the grapple got bigger....
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    Quick Attach mounting plate

    There seems to be a large variance in the dimensions of quick attach plates. Most show the width needing to be 44 to 45 inches. The vertical seems to vary wildly from 15 to 18 inches. Being an ISO standard, I'm surprised it is not described better.
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    I'm a fan of the Omni Pro 220 welder.
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    Brush Grapple

    After looking at the prices and heavy weight of brush grapples, I decided to make one that slides onto a quick attach plate just like pallet forks. The entire cost with disposables is still under $300. The weight is still light enough to not effect the lift capacity of a smaller tractor. It can...
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    chipper blade sharpen or replace

    I refurbished this chipper recently. The bolts holding the blades needed replaced as I had to drill them out. The blades were easy to sharpen on a 6" wide belt sander. I did have to remove one blade shim to get my distance to the bed correct.
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    3-point Ballast Box and CarryAll

    Combo 3-point carry all and ballast box. Total weight is about 500 lbs.
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    Doing It In Mud

    After three hours of self recovery with building a log grid under the tractor.... and another hour pressure washing..... I'm avoiding the mud for a while.
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    Culvert Replacement and Road Buildup

    Had to replace a culvert and raise the washed out roadbed. Made a rock screen to sort material to raise the road bed. So far I'm really impressed with the road fabric.
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    Added wipe to plow blade

    I needed to replace broken bolts and repair seized skid jacks on the snow plow blade. I figured it would be a good time to add a wipe made from machine belting.
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    Wheel Spacers on Yanmar YT235

    I added a pair of Bro-tek 3" wheel spacers last night. So far, so good. The response time and customer service from Richard has been really good. Most places do not have anything listed about YT235s or Yanmar in general for their wheel spacers. Before One Side Witness Marks Final Width
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    Dog pics

    Actively preparing for the storms to come:
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    Homemade offroad buggy

    Once upon a time, I built my nephews a go-kart with a hinged suspension on the back. I assume you are talking about something like this an not a quarter elliptical suspension.
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    Dog pics