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    Went from Iuka to Tupelo the other day and noticed a lot of cable installations going on in that part of the state. On a side note MS apparently forgot to tell Apple maps the Natchez was closed[emoji37]
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    T6 replacement

    Ive been seeing Rotella 5w40 in both Tractor Supply and Rural King lately. Price has gone up.
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    Pumped water from the pond to water the garden. Little 2 cycle pump still humming along fine. I figured it would have died years ago. And yes it rained as we were finishing up. No it wasnt suppose to have rained. [emoji30]
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    Need FIRST HAND information on money scanners used through auto bodies.

    They have to fit tight to work. And the shiny side must be on the outside. 🤪
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    Plumbers in specific, does anyone give a crap any more in general.....?

    There is a program here that partners with businesses. They have a meet n greet sponsored by the college for the students and companies. My son is now a production supervisor for the company that selected him. He is...
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    Fatjay picks up chicks!

    I built multiple nest boxes in my coop then all 8 of my hens only used one of them. They will stand in the doorway and cackle until one gets off the nest then they take their turn. Go figure.
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    ATV Tubeless Tire Repair

    Those thumbtacks are called patch plugs and they come in various sizes. Use them myself...
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    Good Source for Kubota Parts?

    The last two times Ive had Barlows order parts they came in cheaper than Messicks and no shipping charges.
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    I like to be helpful, so . . .

    No squirrel screams huh. Must’ve killed it quick n merciful like. [emoji849] I think I would prefer what you had happen than had a squirrel rocket out towards my face while I looked down the tube. Ive seen Christmas Vacation it aint good. [emoji12]
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    Unicorns do exist.

    Tractor Supply has had them for awhile. Dont know who makes them.
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    Unicorns do exist.

    4 brand new 2.5 gal jugs just a sittin there. Price has gone up. Didnt need any so I left it there.
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    Had a tube of Mobile synthetic grease, that I kept in the basement, leak profusely from my grease gun. I pulled the tube and threw it away. I questioned its lubricating ability after leaking that bad. I am looking at getting a Lube Shuttle system myself.
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    Pouring fuel from cans

    I had some used metal valve stems that I put in mine. Works so much better now.
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    Trans Fluid for a MF Super 90

    The Super 90 I had years ago used standard UTF in the trans.
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    Lawn mowers and projectiles

    I think Kentucky made it illegal to blow grass onto the roadway. Even the highway dept follows the right of way mowing crews, with a blower mounted to the pickup to clear the roads now.