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    kioti quit

    Glad to hear you found the issue. Now you just have to put it all back together. We're rooting for you.
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    kioti quit

    Here is a link which will help explain things.
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    LK3054 accelerator lever question

    I see that the linkage from the "C" plate to the foot pedal is orientated differently between your tractors. Not sure if that would make a difference.
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    Unnecessary Backhoe

    If you remove the rear backhoe mount from the trans case you will lose the mounting point for the draw bar. Something to think about.
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    4110 turnbuckle (?) on 3 point hitch is too tight, can't move it at all.

    Have you tried flipping the lower arms 180*?
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    Rear snowblower storage advice ?

    Thanks. The skid shoes are not that great. I run the blower with the top link shortened like it sits in pic 2, then lengthen it up once the base is frozen. Planning to make some larger rectangular shoes and orientating them parallel with the cutting edge to maximize the footprint when tipped...
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    Rear snowblower storage advice ?

    Here is a cradle I made out of a found dolly a few years ago. Blower weighs a little over 400 lbs and with a swepted floor you can roll it around with one hand. With the blower still on the tractor roll the dolly under it and add what ever you need to cradle the blower.
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    Maintenance toolbox...?

    Congrats on the new tractor. Here are a few items I have needed. A good oil filter wrench, everyone has their favorite. A can of Dupli-color Chevy Orange Engine. For touch up and painting add-ons. A pressure guage with quick coupler to plug into loader valve to check relief valve pressure. A if...
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    Kioti CK30HST loses hydraulic power

    I can't recall what else besides the hydro filter is vulnerable under the tractor. If you think the problem is related to getting stuck in the ditch, maybe something cracked and is letting air into the system. Cracked hydro filter housing? Is the fluid foamy once its warmed up?
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    1996 John Deere 425 transaxle leak

    Have you checked that the vent is not blocked as suggested. You do not want pressure to build in there, it could pop out a seal.
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    Driveway gravel

    Can you back drag some of the snow with high concentrations of gravel back onto the edge of the driveway to melt?
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    Removing the Chains of Bondage...

    Mine will stay on till the driveway is dry and firm. I don't need the tractor till i can drive on the grass and in the woods.
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    Go peddle bolts CT235

    The Kioti parts manual shows them to be M8x1.25. When you remount the treadle make sure it has full travel for and aft. It is possible to install the treadle and find that Rev is much faster than before, but foward is now slower.