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    Valve Stems on my New Tractor

    Eddie, if you need to add air, use a piece of chalk to put a mark on the tire to help identify location of valve stem, and move tractor til mark is positioned wherever you want it, and can easily access it.
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    What are you OCD about?

    Cupboard doors and kitchen drawers that are not completely closed.
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    Why would a mower melt 20 amp fuses?

    Take the clutch off, and check the bearings in the clutch. What might be happening is, if the bearings are starting to bind, or if you lost some of the balls from the damaged bearing, sometimes they might align enough to allow the clutch to turn freely, and other times they might bind enough to...
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    RC72 Mower Deck Vibration

    To help isolate your problem, can you remove all the blades and run it up to speed to see if the vibration is still there, or not ?
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    Caught by the inflation demon

    Try and get the contractor to reduce some of the additional 47K they are asking for, and kick in the 25,000, and call it an early inheritance. Would it be possible to get anyone else to give you a quote on the same plans ?
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    Great lake boats, a good video

    Awesome thread. Does anyone have any video of a ship called the MANITOULIN ?
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    Groan part quatre

    It,s a 5 minute walk from my house to the pub. It,s a 35 minute walk from the pub, back to my house. The difference, is staggering.
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    Would You Loan It Out?

    Avenger, if I were your neighbor, I would never ask to borrow your stuff, but would gladly pay you whatever you wanted to do the job I needed done. It,s been an interesting thread, and glad to see that even though you had to go and pick up your own implement, it wasn,t damaged. Cheers
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    Found Kubota Bolt

    Packing frame material bolt ?
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    Would You Loan It Out?

    Ha, ha, he,s probably out making some extra cash with your borrowed tiller. I would not have loaned it out to him in the first place. After insulting you buy saying your prices are to high, I would of wished him well, and consider it a cheap lesson in who to never help or talk to again. The...
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    Front Tire Wear

    It,s not hard to reverse the tires. I took mine to a regular repair garage and he did switch them both in about 20 minutes for 20 bucks.I wore mine out doing sharp turns on pavement while cutting my lawn at a 45 degree angle.
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    Can you believe this story?

    Lawyers become judges. Anyone see a problem here ? LOL
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    Can you believe this story?

    Kinda pathetic what lawyers will do, to make a living. Yup, they are lower on the totem pole than a used car salesman. LOL
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    Business Ethics In The Tractor Industry

    Hey number15, can you give some examples of losing business by being ethical ?
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    Concrete Floor Leveling Question

    Richard, not trying to be harsh, but where were you when your wife was detailing all the info that she wanted to the contractors ? What percentage of women know anything about construction, and clearly expressing their thoughts to tradespeople ? As far as a solution to fix the problem you now...