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    Robin 22hp EH65 Coil Setting

    No points or condenser I am pretty sure.
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    Power-Trac lube revisited

    I took the covers off and left them off.
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    Robin 22hp EH65 Coil Setting

    On the coil gap I suggest having two sets of feeler gauges. It made it a lot easier to keep the gap even. So put one set of gauges near each end of the coil.
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    422 fan thermostat / fuse

    I wonder if that would slow down warmup in cold weather. That’s why I have not done it. I have replaced the thermostat twice in 22 years.
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    PT-425 Run-on

    It does sound like a missing ground. There is a ground on the key switch. Check to make sure it is good.
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    PT-425 Run-on

    Do the lights actually work when they are turned on?
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    Well i broke it this time

    I welded mine back together before it broke. That was many years ago. You could add extra bracing.
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    Wanted - PT-425 or PT-1430 in good condition

    Ok. Thanks. I guess I figured they would change the name to a 430, since it is gasoline. I could see why they kept 1430 since the attachments from the Diesel version work on the gasoline version.
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    Wanted - PT-425 or PT-1430 in good condition

    I thought the 1430 had been discontinued.
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    Power Trac Review in JLC

    Very positive review. Wow!
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
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    I would connect it to the engine. Small amount of resistance counts when powering a starter motor. I am only an electrical engineer, but do have experience with starters.
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    PT-425 Cement Mixer capacity

    Yes, it was me. Search on Bobrip for details.
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    Pocket Gopher Control

    Use exhaust from a lawnmower engine with the choke 1/2 closed. I have not tried this, but it should work.
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    2015-2017 PT-425 Battery

    I keep a battery maintainer charger on my PT 422. I connect it whenever I am not running it. For vehicles that sit a lot it is a good idea. Also if you are running more that the built in charging circuit will deliver then this will top it off.