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    Another cart, oversized debris bucket, carry-all on the 3ph, or something else maybe?

    I did one for my loader, but I don't think your 1710 would be up to it :oops: ... Steve
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    Millermatic 211 vs. Hobart Handler 210MVP

    Cool; now that you've decided, here's a project that'll make sure it all works :devilish: Cart 4 mm211 Feel free to steal any or all... Steve BTW, that project actually starts on page ONE of that thread...
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    X-cord for welder

    Not bad Gene - I usually "roll my own", but just the wire and a couple connectors would run me around $170... Steve
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    5030, minor typo - here ya go ... Steve
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    Getting Back Into Welding

    About 10 years ago I stopped using the crap-ahol gas on everything but road machines - about a buck more a gallon, and I pay it GLEEFULLY, 'cause I know I'll probably NEVER have to replace a carb or fuel pump in my lifetime - only thing I don't use no-E gas in is tractors and backhoe, 'cause...
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    Woods HBL84-2

    Yup, pretty reasonable price for that nice a blade, if it was in my area it'd already be mine - Looks like it'd be pretty easy to add hydraulic offset, other mods might take a bit more. I got my 84" Land Pride "soil prepper"...
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    Millermatic 211 vs. Hobart Handler 210MVP

    Minnesotaeric, seeing your (and Dale's too, thanks) "like" reminded me of your new toy (and my tiny bit of jealousy :=), saw this blurb a few days ago and thought I'd make sure you had (if not, don't click on the link :devilish...
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    LED Lights on ROPS

    I bought some small led's for all 4 sides of my golf cart (old, cheep, 10 acre; now I can't live without it :=) Haven't found that "tuit" yet, but they feel pretty sturdy - connections can either be...
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    Millermatic 211 vs. Hobart Handler 210MVP

    You're entirely welcome; I've been a novice at one form of welding or another since about 1970 (acetylene), 1971 (TIG, known then as heli-arc), 1973 (stick, mentored by a pipeline weldor), 2011 (MIG, currently a MM252 and inverter MM211), 2013 (inverter stick/TIG unit, + plasma cutter) Never...
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    Millermatic 211 vs. Hobart Handler 210MVP

    Shaeff, I doubt you actually did spray transfer by accident check out the chart in above link; it's more likely you got into globular transfer instead of short circuit; globular sort of mimics spray, but isn't. Note the gas mixes that...
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    DIY rebuilding hydrolic cylinders.

    That's a great price on the seal tool kit - I paid more than TWICE that on Amazon about 3 years ago AFTER doing 6 of the 13 cylinders on my 580B, and did the rest in about HALF the time/agrivation... Steve
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    Millermatic 211 vs. Hobart Handler 210MVP

    Smokey, I have the inverter MM211 now, sold the transformer version when I found my 252. The newer 211 does have fan on demand, but I've yet to figure out why NONE of the three units pulls cooling air in from the REAR, instead of sucking crap in from the MORE LIKELY SOURCE of it... My "bandaid"...
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    Educate me a bit on torches

    "Ever one of them came out as if they had already been broken loose." Jaxs, there is probably a good reason for that; I've used the trick a few times, pretty much ALWAYS works. The reason was explained to me decades ago, by a guy that was at least as old as I am NOW... When you heat a stuck...
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    Millermatic 211 vs. Hobart Handler 210MVP

    DF, those look like regular stem type casters, should be able to replace 'em with the locking kind? Lead storage - my mm252 came with dual tank running gear, but only ONE lead holder - I got tired of having to separate ground, power and mig gun from the 30 foot spool gun leads (I use the auto...
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    Educate me a bit on torches

    James, I sure did "dodge a bullet" - and that experience was a helpful reminder for the rest of my life, especially the last 33 years of "indentured servitude" spent doing instrumentation/control in a couple different rare metals plants - we had forge presses and extrusion presses that developed...