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    Load leveler

    Mentioned in post #6 :) ... Steve
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    Load leveler

    I've yet to "fondle" the mechanical version up close enough, so it's just my "SWAG" (aka, Scientific Wild-Ass Guess) that the cab end of the long rod is attached to some extra linkage on the loader joystick that "biases" the curl setting depending on the loader height. Nothing to back that up...
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    Load leveler

    Right - I saw that concept used to mod a cherry picker to work as a drywall lift; a counterweight at the rear, and the lift arm(s) were long enough to put a sheet about 10 feet up and level... Steve
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    Load leveler

    Yeah, there may be others I'm not familiar with - AFAIK, the 580B may be the only one that used a hydraulic cylinder (unless earlier models had it) - but the later 580C replaced the hydraulic cylinder with a linkage that biased the joystick's curl mechanism - here's a pic of a 580C, the long...
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    Load leveler

    No prob mike, even an indicator beats the crap outa guess-work; I found that out the hard way, decades ago on my little Oliver crawler loader - seeing the load end up on the ground isn't a very useful "indicator" :oops: Since the only "orange" tractor I'm likely to have is my Allis 160, I know...
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    Load leveler

    So far, all I see is a level INDICATOR - My ancient 580B loader is set up as a true self-leveling bucket - couldn't find a better pic, but the cylinder shown connects to one of the loader lift arms - the tee with two hoses runs to the pair of curl cylinders, and the upper link is maybe 8" away...
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    Anyone have an old Case parts book they can look something up in please?

    Primary filter is 10 times the particle size (more open) as secondary, here's a link to secondary options Primary HTH... Steve Edit -...
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    Well pressure Switch question

    Just remember; when you reset your cut-in pressure/air pad, this MUST be done with system OFF and tank WATER open to atmosphere - your plumber would've mentioned this if he's any good, but it's an easy thing for inexperienced people to forget. Generally the air pad should be 10 psi BELOW the cut...
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    Yeah, I liked Biden's statement that a 9mm to the throat will decapitate - he was a stupid crook when he was O's lap dog, now he's added TOTAL senility. No brain, no backbone, no morals, no thanks... Steve
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    Also, got this info in another email, including a suggested wording - "So please click here to contact the Republican Senators who have the power to stop the impending gun control onslaught, if they simply hold the line. If that link doesn’t work for you, simply copy this list of email...
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    Not sure where else to post this - copy of an email from one of the gun rights orgs I contribute to, the "swamp" is at it again - please call/email your reps and voice your opinion, while it's still possible - This is happening NOW - "Dear Patriot...
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    Biggest PTO Pump

    "I would need a 2:1 speed increaser?" I'm not familiar with your tractor, but you may ALSO need to pay attention to input/output shaft size and spline count - higher rpm shafts tend to have 21 spline shaft vs 540 rpm shafts which tend to be 6 tooth splines. On the surplus link, look at the...
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    Elbow fitting size for hydraulic top link cylinders

    If you already have your cylinder(s), this might help you figure it out - if not, yours could conceivably be 3 different possible sizes of at least 4 different fitting types - so without the cylinder or at least a spec sheet on the cylinder, you have about 1 chance in TWELVE of getting it...
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    what brand

    I have this Everlast unit It runs every kind of stick I throw at it, BETTER than my old Solar 250 ac/dc copper wound stick welder. I typically set it for about 20% hot start and 15-20% "Arc force" (aka "dig") - no problems...
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    Minimum HP for Flail Mowers

    I have this flail (NOT a ditch bank mower tho) They say 30-60 horse; my usage sounds basically the same as you (except for ditches) - both of my PTO equipped tractors are 40-45 horse, and I wouldn't want any LESS than I have. Some of the...