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    Kubota mower junkyard ?

    Get the part number and try to match it with some they sell on Ebay . Whats your part # ?
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    Thinking about a new saw

    Shindy 600sx same as Echo 620 Ba-ls , skill and who needs a mamby pamby top handle to "climb " ? Yikes ! 💪
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    Your thoughts on this DK90

    Howdy Eddie ! I bleed Bota orange , however we know Kioti makes a kick ass great tractor . That looks like a fair deal for a tractor with that displacement . However if I were you I would look long and hard at a tractor like a Mahindra 6075 4wd cab (4cyl) 71 hp NEW . Its no secret...
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    Pole Barn Addition

    BoylermanCT thanks for starting thread and others input here . Been kicking back learning and enjoying . On a side note I havent seen a Montana tractor in that great of shape in many years !!! ............ You all keep that tractor real pretty , looks like she sleeps " in the house " ! (y)
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    Jonsered cs2255 carb adjust limiter

    That Jonsered model should be a kissing cousin to Husqvarna , try to find which model # it is in Husky line and you will learn even more about your saw . Yours probably red , theres orange if in that series Husky made there orange branded model . I 'am not a chainsaw pro tech but do most of...
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    Rear Dirt Scoop, Like New, 30"

    That CountyLine looks the same as a King Kutter . If you go on google the KK asking price is way more like @ Blains farm & fleet , just saying . I'am sure both parties seller and buyer will both be satisfied with their transaction . Thank God for " Capitalism " ...... Anyway when I first...
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    john deere on strike

    Does this include there construction "yellow " division ? Might sound like a dumb question . I think in there smaller excavators they might be married to Wacker Neusom , as in there large excavators there married (i think ) to Hitachi ..................
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    Just another junk chainsaw

    Just bringing this up I never owned one or had any desire to get one . However maybe one of you old timers would remember probably in mid 80"s Echo came out with a twin cylinder saw . I think it was a CST 610 model aka the Evil Twin. A friend of mine had one in "yellow" sold as a John Deere ...
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    Thinking about a new saw

    Bought the Shindy 600sx 24" bar about 10 days ago still havent even cranked it the CS-620 equivalent . Also just recieved another new TimberWolf 590 24" Echo yesterday . I do the online muffler mods when I can get to them , and somehow the limiter caps fall off :sneaky: . Lately been stockin...
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    Songs you don’t play at a funeral

    Heres a Quarter call someone Who cares ! Travis Tritt
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    Best City Names

    Spread Eagle Wisconsin ....................
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    Best City Names

    Bad Axe Michigan , Apache Junction Arizona ..................
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    Just another junk chainsaw

    Howdy ! Hey Mr xyz123 couple questions please ? Is the is the Echo Red armor 2cyl oil all they say it is ? Or IYO "colored snake oil " ??? Also your experience / comments if you may on Tsunami / Sugihara chainsaw bars ??? Thanks in advance !!! ......................
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    Kubota or mahindra

    So I'am guessing you would'nt fly in there aircraft either ? Even with their currant FREE parachute promo for TBN members ? 😲
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    Just another junk chainsaw

    Just recieved from UPS today . A Shindaiwa 600SX I ordered online 24" bar also . Same saw as Echo CS620 . Two rings on piston etc . Of course haven't ran it yet . I felt like I got a good deal . No one's asked me but I 'am goin to say it . $559 delivered , tax and shipping included ...