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    A timber frame cabin memoir

    My first basement contractor never returned my call or email. 5 days later he called me back. Turns out he had sold his business earlier that day. But, he was very helpful and recommended a former employee who went out on his own. I still don't know who bought his business because i thought the...
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    Need help with purchase of weight distribution hitch

    I know on my F250 there is a sticker or tag specifying the factory hitch limits as far as weight. On mine over 600lbs weight distribution is needed.
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    A timber frame cabin memoir

    I think it's 38 for the roof and walls will be spray.
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    A timber frame cabin memoir

    Similar to my drawing but that was a drawing my project coordinator sent me when discussing the first floor. The sill plates are just supports for the walls. The timbers are what carry the loads and those connections are metal plates and pretty beefy looking.
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    A timber frame cabin memoir

    I have a sawmill but they are labor intensive. I won't be using sips either. It might be Oct Nov before my kit is shipped so will probably be questions from me about certain things I'm rusty on. My first interest in Timber frames was from a post a member made here years ago. His was with a...
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    A timber frame cabin memoir

    I'm in the queue for a timber frame kit so I figured I would start a thread. It will be 20x30 with a walk out basement and loft with 4' extensions. They suggested a 10' foundation height. When I expressed concerns about how high this would stick up they recommended putting the sub-floor down...
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    HP Ink Jet Printer Ink expires and useless?

    I too went with a Brother BW laser jet printer after retiring and no longer had use of the color laser printers at work. I don't miss having color and after several years it finally said my toner is low yet still prints fine but I have a new toner cartridge on hot standby.
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    Komatsu dozer parts / sources

    You might try Home - Schaefer Enterprises in Wolf Lake IL. I would also at least put your state in your profile.
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    The day the music died.

    Manny Charleton original guitarist for Nazareth died July 5th. You know Hair of the Dog...Now your messin' with a son of a beech,
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    Utility trailers - what should i know?

    There used to be numerous trailer manufacturers here in Sikeston. It's a pretty cut throat high volume low price business back when it was booming. I knew one of the manufacturers but he switched to specialty trailers like corn head trailers. Rice over near Popular Bluff makes a good trailer. I...
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    Recommended wood stove brands

    Same as what I plan, walk out basement and a loft with the 4' vertical extension. It's nice to hear others experiences. To address some other things members have codes nada zilch. You can run your sewer into a small lagoon as the soil is poor. Plenty of Oak on my place and...
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    Recommended wood stove brands

    Roof is R40, comes with the kit. The walls are supplied by me and plan to do spray foam.
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    Recommended wood stove brands

    I could do a fireplace AND woodstove (same floor) but seems redundant. I enjoy a fire in the winter. caveman TV
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    Recommended wood stove brands

    It will be for a 22x30 timber frame cabin either in the living room or basement. I will have a propane furnace for days i may not be in the mood for loading firewood. I'm not interested in exterior boiler units. Brands mentioned in this thread: Jotul Blaze King Hearthstone Soapstone Pacific...
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    Today's RV time?

    Since last year I took two folding solar panels I had and mounted them on the roof. I think they were two 65watt panels but with the smaller camper when I downsized I had really no place to store them. I always travel out west and usually prefer to boondock on public land. I also got a Veterans...