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    Would you buy a 30 year old truck with 51 miles on it?

    The OP wrote, in part...."What would it cost to fix all, THAT is the question" I read every response and sure enough no one answered that specific question.... because sight unseen, without actually being intimately familiar with the specific truck up for bid, nobody on this forum can answer...
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    Am I correct in assuming that hydro fluid flows through the transmission case? By the way, you can download a free (at least it's free today) parts manual for that unit at: Farmtrac 545, Farmtrac 555
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    This might help.
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    Frequency of lube changes

    1. It's my understanding that engine oil breaks down over time, regardless of engine operation. That is to say oil should be changed at certain time intervals even if the engine itself hasn't been used much. If true, why does unused engine oil still in the container have an indefinite shelf life...
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    When is it time to repalce the tires

    Just yesterday the front tire sidewall on my Farmtrac 270 DTC blew as my wife was moving manure out to the manure pile. She said it made a hissing sound and she thought a hydraulic hose blew (goats like chewing on them). I told her she'd know right away if it was a catastrophic failure in...
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    270DTC Fuel Filter change ... 2 things to note:

    Just changed fuel filter element on my Farmtrac 270DTC. The petcock on the filter assembly has 3 positions: off, run, and air. After reinstalling the filter bowl with new filter, the petcock should be moved from the off position to the "air" position. This allows fuel to fill the bowl and...
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    Troy-Bilt 5,500 generator w. Briggs Stratton engine ... funky oil

    Hey folks. Yesterday on Craigslist I picked up a 10-year-old (plus or minus) generator as described in title. The B&S engine is a 200000 (series) model. The generator itself is no longer in production as I understand it. The guy wanted $300 but agreed to let it go for $50 less. The unit was...
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    Actual cost of firewood

    I pay as little as nothing and as much as $65 per face cord of wood. Other significant firewood associated costs that vary widely from season to season are chiropractic and the cost of the hard cider used to minimize any muscle soreness after splitting and stacking. As mentioned above, due to so...
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    Chimney Repair

    What would be the best way to repair this chimney and does it pose any danger in its present condition outside of a piece of concrete falling atop someone's head?
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    Good Gloves?

    I would not say these are my best, because that varies by season. Since spring, I've been wearing leather palm work gloves by Wells Lamont. I usually buy 3 pair at a time. At $3.75 a pair and a reasonable shipping cost, I'm happy to buy from this eBay seller. They won't be my "go to" come winter...
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    Neighbor plans to discharge standing water into creek

    Approximately half of my 6+ acre (400'x700' rectangular) property is wooded. A seasonal creek traverses my property, running from the northwest corner (bordering my neighbor Bob's property) to southeast corner. The creek overflows occasionally during the spring snowmelt or during periods of...
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    hillbilly forks

    Find 2 or 3 logs about twice the length as your bucket is deep. Set logs as shown in photo, tilting bucket so logs dont fall out. Set heavier logs across the ends of the "forks" that butt against the bucket to help secure the forks. As the bucket is loaded, the bulk of the weight should be...
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    Briggs 8.0 Genpower (Generac) smokes when hot

    We lose power occasionally. Sometimes twice a year, sometimes not at all. Usually power is restored in minutes. Sometimes hours. During major ice storms or similar disasters, we have gone days without power. I have a portable generator powered by a B&S 8.0 gas engine that I have used on a...
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    Front-End Loader Bracket Pins Stuck

    The remaining pin had me stumped until I brought out the big gun, a 5' steel rod. I used the tamping end to ... well ... TAMP. Bash actually. Lesson learned: pull out loader arm pins and grease periodically.
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    Front-End Loader Bracket Pins Stuck

    I have an 8 year old FarmTrac 2740 with a 1040 front-end loader that has never been removed from the tractor. The head of one of the loader bracket bolt snapped off, which apparently is a common problem with this setup, per the FarmTrac forum. In an effort to reach and remove the broken bolt...