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    Quickconnect hydraulic coupler issue (and not from too much pressure)

    Use said the male connector did you try the female connector? Does that easily push in? If you have pressure on one side they won't go
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    Recommended oil filter for 18hp Kohler Courage Engine (just purchased new).

    Pure coincidence. In six years there could have been any abnormal crankcase pressure any type of dirt and debris, mechanical failure in that seal to make it leak 3 weeks ago I picked up a 470hr big Cub Cadet with a Kohler 27 horse engine guess what went in yep Mobil 1 full synthetic no issues...
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    Which Backpack Blower?

    You said all Two Strokes I believe
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    Which Backpack Blower?

    Get a 2 smoke snowmobile out on the lake hold her wide open throttle for few miles see what happens
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    Recommended oil filter for 18hp Kohler Courage Engine (just purchased new).

    That is nothing but pure coincidence i use synthetic oil in high-mileage vehicles and high hours equipment for 25 years and also at work not once was there ever a problem. Most modern day multi viscosity synthetics of good quality have very low VII and shear very litte they're pretty much...
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    Hydro fan

    How about investigating the pulleys and see why it's falling off, these pulleys have guides on them that keep the belt on track and running true if your belt is falling off or breaking you have a problem somewhere
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    Which Backpack Blower?

    "Long hours at a time", I'm sure she's getting hot and at the recommended 50:1? I can see why ur having bearing issues. Go to 40:1 and shorten the run time
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    Trading in an almost new tractor?

    See what a dealer will give you Dealers Supply is pretty scarce nowadays lots are empty you may be surprised what they would give you for a trade in. If not sell it outright good used clean tractors are very sought-after nowadays
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    G730 fill /vent plug?

    Thanks but no it's not I could not blow either way in or out that little paper disk had it completely blocked off, usually these type situations there's only pressure and if that's blocked off you could blow out axle seals. That's why I'm wondering if anybody else has seen this while servicing...
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    G730 fill /vent plug?

    did a service on the transaxle today and while I had the vent plug off I found that I couldn't blow through it upon inspection it looks like there's a paper washer in there preventing it from venting has anybody seen this before why would they have of then but then plug it off with this paper disk?
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    I thought Sthil made a good saw?

    Did Stihl make that bolt, forged in their foundry? No they get it from a supplier that probably had a bad run with wrong tempering, shit happens, stihl has a very quality saw.
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    MF 1526: Maintenance Information Inconsistent

    Though not as bad is your tractor info my brand new gc1723 is kind of the same way, I kind of go with the owner's manual and then do a Google search see what everybody else is doing lol
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    Selling your Machine?

    Facebook Marketplace is probably going to be your best bet. A lot of people that are buying look there
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    Kioti DK 35 FEL leaking down periodically

    Even brand new equipment will leak down if Hydraulics are left in the air which is totally normal