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    Vacation Suggestions for Vancouver/Seattle

    We are planning to go the Vancouver/Seattle area in the second week of October. Looking for suggestions of "must-sees" - a little bit on the sedate side (no climbing Mt. Ranier).
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    3-Point Hitch Please - a measurement on Class III Boomers

    I am not at my tractor and I need a measurement for a Class III TC34/40/45. What is the height (approximately to the center of the hole) of the lower arms of the three point when they at their lowest position?
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    Growing Horseradish

    I would like to grow a "little" horseradish, but from what I've read this may be difficult since the plant is so prolific. My usual online seed/plant sites sell packs of 5 roots for $$, but I think that may be 5 family's lifetime supply. If I bought a single root from the grocery store, do...
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    Trimmer small engine running poorly

    I have a Ryobi weedwacker that uses multiple attachments such as a blower, edger, trimmer, etc. I am having problems with keeping the motor running. It is a 4-stroke engine that will start with full choke and runs about 1/3 speed. If I open the choke about 5%, the engine will run a little...
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    What is this tool used for?

    I found this in my yard. It has a nail point at the top apex that might function as a compass point or stabilizer point, and two retractable blades on the side. What is it used for?
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    Gas Engine Injector Cleaners

    Do any of them work? It seems hard to believe that 12 oz of any fluid poured into 10 gallons of gasoline would somehow dissolve something that wouldn't dissolve in straight gasoline to begin with. My 2001 Silverado 2500HD is developing some misses at idle and a friend suggested "injector...
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    Historical Archive of Web Pages

    Sometime in the past a link was posted that was used to display a web page that had been deleted, but there was an archive copy kept at the link web site. I've tried searching past posts, but cannot think of a specific enough search array to pull it up. Anybody remember?
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    Quality Replacement Garden Hose Ends

    I bought some high-quality 3/4" by 100 foot garden hoses three years ago. They weren't cheap, but I thought I was paying extra for quality. Now two of them have had their brass ends crack and are unusable. I have never been happy with any replacement hose ends I have used in the past. They...
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    Load carrying capacity for these Aluminum I-Beams

    I am interested in the type of load/deflection these Aluminum I-Beams would be able to handle, based on the 24 foot length. I am thinking about using them for a dock ramp, so it would be just a couple people walking, no machinery-size loads. They are described as: "Brand new aluminum...
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    Looking for something to do this weekend?

    You could try these fun outdoor activities.
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    Here's your sign.

    On my last trip through Texas:
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    Power supply for digital ammeter

    I am trying to use a Digital AC Ammeter to measure the amount of current running through my Automatic Standby Generator Panel. It was sold on ebay and is a AC 200mA Ammeter with a 1000:1 coil. This Ammeter has the following specifications: "Required Supply Voltage AC/DC 8-15V. Supply...
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    Tecumseh Vector Lawnmower motor stalls

    My Tecumseh Vector gasoline lawnmower motor on seems to have problems with hot weather. It will mow all day in the cool weather but after 20 minutes of >80 degrees it just stalls. It will not restart unless it sits for five minutes, or if I pump the primer 4-5 times. Then it will run for...
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    Oil & Fuel Best way to clean oil from engine compartment

    My TC40D had the failed hydrocooler problem at the hose attachment to the cooler. This sprayed hydraulic oil throughout the engine compartment last fall. I didn't do much about it in regards to cleaning off the oil. Now the dirt and "weed dust" has started sticking, and it is starting to...
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    My New Holland Dealer closed

    I'm starting to worry about dealer support for my New Holland TC40D. Saline Equipment closed a couple years ago, and now Lloyd Miller in Fowlerville is gone.