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    BX23 Steering fault

    JWR has it. I had to rebuild the steering cylinder on mine. There is a seal in the center that leaks. As I recall getting a tie rod off so you can get it apart is the hardest part.
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    Case of Beer

    What? You think I’d make something like that up?
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    JD 5055 quick hitch

    Pats is a brand name quick hitch. It goes on the lower lift arms.
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    JD 5055 quick hitch

    I generally like my Pats but I have had a sprayer come off. Other implements have stayed on fine. What do you use for washers Cobyrupert? I have a sprayer that has sometimes slipped off twice. Do you just leave the bolts a little loose so the Pats can swivel some? Thanks for the tips.
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    Case of Beer

    The guy must have been British because he had four names. Steve Samuel Quigley Austin was his name.
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    Tractor died - now trying to troubleshoot - issue seems to be electrical

    Glad you got it going and thanks for the feed back.
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    kubota M5-111 fuel not getting to the rail

    Looking at the specs it looks like a common rail system. I assume the injectors fire electronically. I’d start by looking for wiring problems, mice damage etc. I assume the fuel filters are good?
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    New tractor owner

    There is a category, down a few from this one, called ATTACHMENTS. Nice looking tractor. I’d think you could find a soft cab for it but am not sure.
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    Fireplace Inserts

    My insert, of course by the manufacturers claim, say they test them by burning coal, which is much hotter. The instructions for the installation are pretty specific on spacing to keep framing and stuff away. Ours is boxed in with drywall and faux stone.
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    Fireplace Inserts

    I edited my above post, the inserts are usually designed to be run with the doors CLOSED.
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    California Targets Private Property With Latest Water Well Fees, Charges: Report

    I’m not going to say water is in endless supply in Illinois, we do get dry periods. As a rule it’s easy to get water with a well but not always cheap. Sulfur smelling water is the only problem around here. With this situation, are they trying to encourage people to use less water or are they...
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    New House Build (What I would do different after a year of living in it)

    Looks like a nice house. Glad you are enjoying it. A couple of observations from houses we have had. I agree on the double sinks. I always see that on house hunters. Couples comment “no double sink”. We don’t miss it. We have conclude that a family room and a formal living room is not...
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    Fireplace Inserts

    I’ll throw out some features. Mine is about 20 years old. The doors are not air tight. It does have an outside air draw though. The idea is for it to pull air from outside so it’s not drawing air from your room. Mine would be a lot more efficient if the doors were air tight. Mine is...
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    Buying a new truck ? Times have changed.

    Here’s one for you, 68 Road Runner, they had the original invoice, about $2600.
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    Tractor died - now trying to troubleshoot - issue seems to be electrical

    He load tested the battery but I’m not convinced it still couldn’t be the problem.