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    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    Couldn't agree more. Go rent a portable 1 man lift. A few hundred $$ a week, (probably less than what you'd pay for 20' high scaffolding) and you can probably cover the entire side of the house without leaving the bucket/cage on the lift. Much safer, much more flexible, and no assembly required...
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    Too much oil

    In my neck of the woods, we call that stupidity...
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    What causes a circle of dead lawn grass?

    At first glance I was going to say grubs too, but since it's almost a perfect circle, that kind of DQ's grubs. I'm leaning more in the camp of spilled weed killer, or a hydraulic leak while turning around. How long has the circle been there? Just this year, 5 years, what? If it's been there...
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    She bleed out today!

    It looks like (tough to tell from the pic) that you'll need a new fitting (square thingy) that screws into the housing, and I think you'll also need at least, a new fitting for the hose, and maybe the entire hose. If the hose fitting is crimped onto the hose, you might get away with just the...
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    converting a lightly used dirt road to gravel - how important is it to follow gravel road building best practices?

    Your profile doesn't say where you're located, and that will make a difference if you're in rocky parts of TX, or great farm land in the upper midwest. Usually...removing the topsoil is best, because the rock you add on top will permiate down thru the topsoil, and you just wasted $500-$750 for...
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    Google CHROME installed without my consent.

    Change your default search to Duck Duck Go and all of that crap goes away. And your search remains private.
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    Google CHROME installed without my consent.

    You can go into the settings menu on Chrome (3 lines in upper right?) and change Chrome to your default browser which will over ride the Edge default from here on in. But...if you would like the speed of Chrome without giving your life's info to Google, use Brave browser. It is Chrome based but...
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    Frustrating but simple problem

    Go to a tire store and ask them for a couple of valve stems. cut the bottom off to make them flat. It fits right over the tube (without the button) on the WD-40 can. Attached your air hose to the valve stem, then press down and you should re-pressurize your can easily.
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    Resurrected a 2009 JD LA115 mower.

    "Inherited" a JD LA115 riding mower from good friend after he passed. Only had 200 hours on it, but it was in really rough shape. Mower blades were seized, flat tires, ran like (excrement). Blades looked like he mowed rocks and stumps with it. Cleaned it up, tore apart the mower deck and to my...
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    Surging on an LA175

    Watched a YT video and the guy's problem with his surging was a plugged up gas cap vent. Might want to clean yours if you haven't lately. Not saying that is your problem, but it might be.
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    Mahindra mForce 100P - Three point trouble.... just added some "character" to your tractor. I have several of those of various origins on mine. ;)
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    PTO Won't engage

    You've probably already done this, but just in case you haven't, try re-routing the wire or at least zip tie it up, where it's not likely to get snagged by stuff you run over. Glad it was an easy fix for you. I never would have thought about a solenoid outside of the dash area.
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    Recommended Tractor for 4.5 acres

    The loader is paramount IMO (agree with M59). You'll do far more work with the loader than you will with a box blade. I have a ¼ mile drive, and I use a landscape rake to "rough" groom it, and the FEL to do the final back drag to give it a finished look. The landscape rake is also used to move...
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    Use it export it to countries that need it. It's just a commodity that is needed around the world. Aruba has a large desalination plant and exports all of the salt they create.
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    Change e-mail address

    Personally, I have 2 email accts. One for non-essential stuff like shopping, or any google controlled stuff like YouTube. Facebook, Twitter, Amazon all capture and sell your personal data. Use the non-esential email for that stuff. The 2nd email is for sensitive stuff like banking, etc. I've...