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    GC2310 steering wheel loose - rubber bushing replacement

    DMW, My steering just came loose last week. 2006 model, about 1027 hours. Do you, by chance, know the bushing part numbers? Looking in my parts manual shows item #4 in the diagram page 212, but they show as two per bolt, one above the mount and one below the mount, 8 total. They're called...
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    Removing GC2310 2450 Front End Loader and 2375 Backhoe

    Others, If a hydraulic hose is removed for maintenance while an attachment is disconnected from the tractor, won't that relieve all the pressure on the pistons, which will immediately succumb to gravity? For example the outrigger arms will immediately collapse if their "down pressure"...
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    Removing GC2310 2450 Front End Loader and 2375 Backhoe

    irvingj, Thanks for the reply. You post a lot of good information. So I'm trying to interpret my colors compared to what others have, and I need to distinguish between two uncolored tractor lines. Is there some way to identify a hose properly so I can add the right colors? The house routing...
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    Backhoe Connectors on backhoe hydraulic lines?

    bindian, Thanks for the reply. On my MFGC2310 I have the 2375 backhoe. I guess I mistakenly thought they all looked the same and were supposed to use the same hoses. My OEM hoses are definitely smaller in diameter than the ones that have been replaced by someone else. I'll look into crows...
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    Backhoe Connectors on backhoe hydraulic lines?

    Still working my list of projects... I'm replacing a leaking "uncurl" or dump hose (sanity check: is that the long one that goes to the farthest end of the farthest piston on the BH arm - that's the uncurl action when it's pressurized, right?). All the normal options to make a new hose wanted...
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    Neutral / Fast / Slow lever Chafing hydraulic line

    Yes, I meant the right rear wheel well.
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    Removing GC2310 2450 Front End Loader and 2375 Backhoe

    With the BH disconnected, I read from pcwolf, that the blue & yellow from the tractor should connect together. I have no yellow, and I have three lines between the tractor and backhoe on my 2006 edition. On the tractor side, there are two with no color and one blue. They connect to the backhoe...
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    Backhoe Connectors on backhoe hydraulic lines?

    I need a new "un-curl" backhoe hose. This appears to be #18 on Page 18 of the 2375 Backhoe parts book. It's listed as part #71516103 hose, 1/4" x 128". This appears to also be #7 on Page16 of the same book. It's listed as part #71515428 hose, 1/4" x 128". Why the different part numbers...
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    GC2310 disconnect backhoe, which hydraulic hoses go where?

    When I disconnect the backhoe from my GC2310, there are 3 hydraulic hoses that will disconnect. What do I do with the hoses on the tractor side? I'm hopeful if I do it right, the PTO lift levers will work; is that correct? Specifically which hoses connect together and what do I do with the...
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    Neutral / Fast / Slow lever Chafing hydraulic line

    When you have a chance, look in the left rear wheel well of your GC2310. The transmission lever (slow/neutral/fast) was badly chafing and cutting into a hydraulic line on my tractor (see picture). Replacing that hydraulic hose would have required disassembly pretty deep into the wheel well...
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    Source for 3000 PSI 1/2 O.D. (that's O.D.) hydraulic lines ?

    My GC2310 sprung a leak on the bucket down hydraulic line on the left side. This is right where the rubber goes into the metal shroud of the connector, so I'm not sure why it popped a leak, but it was dripping badly as I parked the tractor. Also, I've been nursing a weeping leak that seems...
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    Tires 18x8.5-10 Front Tire Replacement Options

    My right front GC2310 tire kept going flat. I took it off and soaped it and submerged it and I just couldn't see any leaks. I finally took it to the tire shop and they said it was slowly leaking through an aged sidewall. So I went looking for new tiers. I wanted the same shape and number of...
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    Removing GC2310 2450 Front End Loader and 2375 Backhoe

    I've used my 2006 GC2310 for 2 years now. I never removed the FEL or the BH, and now I'd like to. Looks easy to connect and disconnect but I know there are always gotchas waiting to happen. Can you direct me to a simple step-by-step about how to do this? I have all the GC2310 books, but they...
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    Replacing Expendables, Steering Spindle Oil Seal, Steering Tie-Rods, More..

    I replaced steering tie-rods and a front axle oil seal and noted my experiences on a web page. I hope to add more material as I have time. Let me know of any corrections or additions I should make. This is an initial attempt on a Friday night and Saturday morning! Massey Ferguson GC2310 TLB...
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    Experience Changing Front Steering Shaft Seal ?

    I found out the seal (4265156M91) around my right steering pivot shaft is leaking. I put about a cup of hydraulic fluid into the axle and after about 1/2 hour it had all leaked out from the right side. Does anybody have experience replacing this seal? It appears I need to pull the tire and...