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    How best to clear shallow roots and vines and fern

    hire a local farmer with a disc to turn the top layer of soil a couple of times.
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    2004 3820 3 point problem

    Does yours have a control knob under the seat to set the drop speed of the 3pt? that's how my 4720 is set up.
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    Anyone have the seat break on a Branson tractor how to fix ?

    Mine broke twice, the first time it was the roll pin like the previous posts, the second time the knob broke where the roll pin sits in the grooves. Fixed it the second time by just getting a nut and screw for the tensioner system. Since the knob is useless now, I just need to use a ratchet...
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    Loader joystick cable break

    solder it in, and recrimp the fitting. That's what I would try before replacing it.
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    new to me 4720H

    the H model is hydrostatic, no clutch
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    Leveling ground for tractor shed

    Just level the corners and edges. Use a transit level or a clear plastic tube full of water. Build your structure. Don't worry about the middle until afterwards. The gravel is going to compact and settle over time and you will most likely have to add more later. Besides, the middle doesn't...
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    From vertical to horizontal - proposed engine swap!?

    how about toothed belts and matching pulleys? Or ribbed, more surface area to avoid slippage.
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    Stabilizing clamp on forks?

    The forks should have a point to hook up a stabilizer/support chain to the bucket. they also sell a bar that goes between the two forks to keep them from twisting apart.
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    Front end loader - frozen lock pin

    My Branson 4720 does the same... I just spray the hell out of it, raise the bucket up to a comfortable height and then take a large punch and a hammer, and (not so) gently tap the bottom of the pin and (try to) move the release lever until it frees up. PITA. I've taken it apart and cleaned and...
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    Hydrostat adjustment

    I got a couple from the dealer, they aren't as cheap as they ought to be. I was able to find one at Ace hardware that worked, but it was not very strong. it worked fine until the OEM spring arrived.
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    Hydrostat adjustment

    the spring is hooked to a long tensioner screw on my 4720H, maybe you can tighten it up some. could be as simple as that, since it creeps both directions it sounds to me like the spring isn't tight enough
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    Hydrostat adjustment

    I've gone through 3 pedal return springs in 4 years. They all broke. This latest one has been in place for almost 2 years now and is not quite as stiff as the previous ones, it doesn't snap the pedals back up but they do return to "neutral" fairly smoothly. When the transmission is still cold...
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    Cut 10ac with finish mower - Advice Requested

    There should be another guy in the area that's willing to cut your field for hay. After it's cleaned up and you know what quality your hay is you can have someone cut it and bale for you to sell, or they'll cut and bale for a share.
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    Attachment Help Needed!

    or a clamp-on trailer hitch for the bucket, or drill a hole in the bucket and put a ball of the appropriate size in it. will obviously depend on how much weight is on the trailer and how far he needs to move it.
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    Is there any hardware to slide a tube gate?

    How about using a corral panel instead of a gate? they have the rounded standoffs on the ends at the bottom, very easy to slide. that's what I use as gates for our horse stalls, except I put gate hinges on one end. You could just use your existing method of holding your gate in place. Or you...