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    Steel Cutting Chop Saw

    Where I work I had the shop (CNC machine shop) buy the Evolution S355 CPSL 14 inch saw with the appropriate blades for cutting stainless steel (300, 400, 17-4). They've been using it heavily for about a year and they like it better than the band saw and the cold saw.
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    Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart

    The start procedure in the operator's manual for my Kubota L3901 states to "set the hand-throttle-lever to about 1/2 way." It also states to slow the engine to idle before turning the engine off.
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    Looking at a John Deere Z930M

    We have a Z930M. It's only got about 12 hours on it so far but we have no complaints. It is a beast in my opinion. It's got solid front tires and the tweels on the rear.
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    Need help with metal buildings

    We had Miller's Metal Buildings in Burleson (Texas) build our 40 x 60 x 16. i recommend them without reservation. I don't know if they build in Oklahoma though.
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    Is Rural Living a Hobby?

    Last week I had to use my tractor to pull a contractor's truck and trailer (each separately) out of the mud and out to the road. After we reattached and reloaded the equipment on the trailer he apologized for the trouble. My exact words were "That was fun, let's do it again!" I enjoy each...
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    Metal Building insulation regrets/likes

    60 x 40 metal building, not climate controlled. 1" of closed cell foam applied to all inside surfaces followed by white paint (Sherwin Williams Dryfall). They seal all openings, cracks, and crevices prior to applying the foam. Paint was done a day or two after the foam. In addition to the...
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    What tires are on your truck?

    I probably do baby it. Mostly highway miles and rotating the tires every 5k to 7k miles. My rugged trail riding adventures in the Tundra consist of driving across about 100 yards of hard pack pasture from a gravel drive to my barn 2 or 3 times a week.
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    What tires are on your truck?

    My 2017 Tundra was delivered with BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO2. They are passing 57k miles. I have always thought they were a little noisy on the highway but overall I've been very pleased with them. My tire guy thinks they may have another 5k miles left but I didn't want to wait until they...
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    undercutter / bed lifter - how thick and which steel to use?

    I'm not sure where the OP is located but one of our suppliers carries this: 1055 Steel Beveled Cutting Edge | Coremark Metals
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    Tillers on tractors

    There's a table on page 3-14 of the linked manual that states "Not use" for the tiller.