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    First time buying a tractor tips?

    You have gotten a lot of good responses, but you really need to do your homework. You need to get some clarity on all of the tasks you need your machine(s) to do. You said drilling holes for fence posts. That is typically a one-time thing and isn't particularly demanding if you only have a...
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    Looking at Bad Boy Tractors, thoughts?

    I say it is much more important to evaluate your needs and desires very carefully. Over a decade ago I decided I needed a tractor, but knew very little about them. I did get advice to avoid "glorified lawnmowers" (super garden tractors and SCUTs). I also got advice to "go big or go home". I...
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    Weedy Gravel

    Vegetation Management is an ongoing task. I live in the Pacific Northwest and stuff loves to grow here. I have used Round Up in the past, but not a lot and probably not for a decade. The torch works, but unless you have a very small area it will take a really long time and a LOT of propane...
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    How to blade gravel without 3-point float?

    I believe (based on the experience of many people here and other tractor forums) that if you spend enough time (and ruin enough driveways) you can get good enough to make things look better when you are done than when you started. I know the first time I used my neighbors box blade I discovered...
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    Electric conversion of a Kubota B26 / Similar

    An HST tractor is a poor starting point choice for an electric conversion. But, let's just start with how much energy storage you need for all day usage. Let's use 10 hours for the day (to give you some reserve and room for degradation). At an average of 5HP (so 5:1 peak to average) that is...
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    Sub-Compact/Compact Recommendations

    Interesting thread with lots of opinions. I'll tell my story. Maybe it will help you. In 2006, we moved to our new house on 10 acres, mostly wooded. In 2007, we paid a contractor to re-open the trails that had grown over, while we were building the house. We also went to the Deere dealer to...
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    Final thoughts before purchase in the 3500lb+ cab range?

    My tractor is much smaller (B2620). I have loaded tires. I can carry a load of manure fairly easy with no additional rear weight. But anything heavier demands more. I have a 200lb rear blade for light loads and a 400lb grading scraper that is 4 feet long and wide. There is quite a...
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    Knowing What U Know Now!

    Good question. I asked myself this very question a couple of years ago. My B2620 was 10 years old. There were two things I wished it had, quick attach for the bucket and position control for the 3PH. I didn't buy the B2630 because it was bigger (and I didn't want bigger), more expensive, and...
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    Tractor Recommendation

    You are not going to find one machine that will do all the things you want well. The requirements you have need, at least, two machines. One should be a mower. The other a tractor. I have a less hilly property. I started with a JD X300, was thinking a 100 series, but decided on the X300...
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    Need Tractor/Truck Recommendation

    There has been lots of good advice here. Some of it might even be applicable to your situation. Many people new to tractors come in with either little idea of what they are going to do or too many ideas for one machine. They also come in with too little budget for the desires. That means it...
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    Hydraulic top link on BX

    Depends on where you look. This is really a custom part (with a price to match). You can find them here I have been thinking about this for a decade, maybe this will be the year I order one, so next year will be the year I actually have one.
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    Need Your Thoughts On A New Welder

    Unless you have an electric furnace (not just a heat pump) or other very large loads even 200A service is way more than you will ever need. [email protected] is 48KW. The maximum my house has ever drawn is about 20KW and that was for no more than about 2 min. That is with the well pump, septic pump...
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    Just got my first tractor. Tips for mowing steep slopes?

    I have RimGuard in my rear tires. It is heavier than water and has worked well for over a decade. I leave it in there always. I still think that slope is too steep for the little B. Make sure you have the ROPS up and your seat belt on, so when it rolls due to a moment's inattention you don't...
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    Just got my first tractor. Tips for mowing steep slopes?

    I read more of the posts and looked at the pictures. You need an AWD mower for that hill. I would suggest later model X728 or X748, or X729, X749, X738, X739, or X758. The X7x9 have all wheel steer which you probably don't need. The ones with 4 or 5 in the middle have diesel engines for...
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    Just got my first tractor. Tips for mowing steep slopes?

    I have a B2620, which is about the same size as your B2301. There is no way that I would feel safe using it on a 20 degree slope and I have had it for more than a decade. I love my B2620, but I would NEVER consider it a good tool for mowing anything over 10 degrees. Now, my slopes are such...