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    A good quality Log Splitter

    Looking at the parts diagram, the SuperSplit has two bearings with a support in the center. The DR has one full-width bearing. There are quite a few other differences: two return springs, safety interlock handles, etc. All industry-standard stuff, any industrial supply or bearing supply shop...
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    A good quality Log Splitter

    When was that? Bought ours in 2014. We have a very old DR brush mower we've kept due to the excellent Kawasaki engine.
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    A good quality Log Splitter

    We have a DR Power K55 Kinetic purchased in 2014. Wanted to buy a SuperSplit but they never answered my phone calls despite being local. DR was closing their factory store in NH and I arrived on their last open weekend. It was pouring rain and they had a floor model at a crazy great price so...
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    Kinetic Flywheel Wood Splitter

    Necrothread but no good reason to start a new one. We have a DR Power K55, discontinued as the K34 seems to do the same job. Purchased in 2014. Overall very pleased as the cycle time is much faster than hydraulics and it’s split everything we have (Ash, Birch, Hornbeam, Maple, Red Oak. Limited...
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    How to maintain wooded walking trails

    In the old days to pack down ski jumps, we used lots of people with snow shoes.
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    Impeller mod for walk behind snow throwers

    We've used many, many different compounds over the years, from ski wax to Pam to Mower Guard to spray Silicone to DuPont Snow and Ice Repellant. They all work: for about 20 minutes.
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    Wood chips and composting

    In NH, most of what grows other than trees is rocks.
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    Assembling Harbor Freight 1720lb trailer

    Update. The powder coating lifted and got a lot of corrosion. Once I got a van, didn’t need it anymore, repainted it and sold. Needed something to bring the snowmobile to the dealer so bought a 5’x8’ aluminum kit...
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    5’x8’ Aluminum Trailer Kit

    Called them up and found the real deal on the tires. They are rated for 80mph. But because of some CA law they rate everything for 45. I’ll take some pics, came out nice.
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    Impeller mod for walk behind snow throwers

    Got to try it several times, on powder to slush. We got an 18” storm and it was throwing the snow over the lower utility lines! And works must better with plowed and slushy snow.
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    Wood chips and composting

    Ash, several varieties of Birch, Maple, and Red Oak. Some Eastern Hemlock.
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    Wood chips and composting

    Cut down some trees for firewood, and going to run the tops through the chipper. So I’ll have bucketloads. Can this be used to compost? If so what else should I add? Can I just dump it in a pile or do I need to contain it? TIA.
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Cutting / Groving / Siping R-4 for snow

    Two tires made by Nokian - who invented the snow tire.
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    Need advice on a larger chainsaw for an older guy.

    When we got an Alaska mill, purchased a used MS461 with 28” bar.
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    Outdoor chair from live edge wood

    Have an Alaska mill and have it a number of 2” thick live edge planks 10-15” wide and up to 10’ long. Somewhere found plans for rustic chairs from this kind of timber - but can’t find it! The closest I’ve come is a simple design from Bob Villa. Any suggestions?