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    Snow B2650 front mount snow blower issue with hydraulic connections

    I bought a B2650 this year with a loader, mid-mount mower and a snowblower. The snowblower has the hydraulic spout rotation. The manual to the blower says like I was expecting, that up and down is just like raise and lower on the loader (front to back on the joystick), and the spout would swivel...
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    John Deere SyncroVantage Power Reverser - Reverser won't work

    I have a friend with a Deere 6605 and it has the Syncro Vantage Power Reverser transmission. This is a 16 gear unit that can be reversed in any gear. The reverser lever acts like the tractor is in park when in gear. By that I mean trying to move the reverser lever forward or backwards it wants...
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    "Ice bucket challenge" by plane

    Some guy has access to a firefighting plane and had the pilot do a drop on him. Kind of like the reverse of jumping off a bridge. Water at speed can't get out of the way fast enough to not be painful. Botched ice bucket challenge leaves man critically injured after plane drops hundreds of...
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    Deere 4020 steering issue

    We have an old (dash model) 4020 that the steering is acting up and I need to know what the probable cause is. The issue is it seems to steer to the right fairly well. When turning to the left it acts like it's binding. The wheel stops and doesn't want to go any further. If you bring the...
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    EE_Bota has passed.

    One of our members passed a couple weeks ago after a long battle with cancer.
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    Good bow for a young one who wants to hunt?

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with some of the compound bows that have a wide range of adjustment? Like a Mathews Craze or Bear Outbreak. My daughter is 12 and has out grown her youth bow. She has been using her current bow for almost 2 years and does very well with it, but it's...
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    Deere PTO seal replacment

    Has anyone replaced the seal on the PTO on a 540/1000 RPM reversible shaft? This is on a 6605 and I believe it is a dry socket design. I have never done one like this and the parts break down I'm not sure if the seal can be pulled from the outside, or if you have to pull the PTO frame off the...
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    Even though you see this in the news, this problem seem to continue to get worse. Why do people who can probably not even walk and chew gum at the same time think they can drive or operate machinery and text at the same time. Some sites claim that well over 20% of auto accidents have a cell...
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    Massey 124 square baler issues

    I found this image showing typical set up. D would be the counter.
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    Tire replacment, best to replace both on MFWD?

    I have a friend that had to replace 1 front tire on his tractor that is MFWD. The tractor has over 4000 hours and the front tires were about 60% worn. I have read several times over the years that on driven axles of tractors and other similar machines if the circumference difference is greater...
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    Deere 4020 hydraulic issue

    Just to make sure I'm not missing something. Our 1968 4020 seems to lose prime on the hydraulics after it has been sitting for a while. I don't see any major leaks and it's not losing oil. It started a couple years ago where after start up you would have to wait 10-15 seconds before any steering...
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    M spark plug gap

    What is the correct plug gap for a late 1940's Farmall M?
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    Pageant of steam

    This week and weekend is the Pageant of Steam in Canandaigua. They also have a lot of gas and diesel machinery. This year is the "Orange" year, or Allis Chalmers. New York Steam Engine Association I love to see the old machinery running around and doing things. It's not a large show, but every...
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    What to look for on a Ford 4000 diesel?

    I asked this under the Ford Ag and got no replies so far so I thought maybe under here. I guess it's hard for me to think of a tractor that was very popular in my youth as vintage. I would see these on farms, I just never worked for anyone with one. I've searched the forums and still haven't...
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    Deere Backhoe with swing motor removal taper pin removal.

    I need to remove the swing motor from a hoe for rebuilt. On the back side of the swing motor, between the motor and the main frame of the hoe is a torque link. This is mounted with tapered pins that are threaded on both ends. Anyone know which way the pin is removed? Up or down? The pin on the...