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    Battery based electric vehicles of today and tomorrow.

    i think I'm going to go off grid, after being on grid with the solar net-metered stuff. If its off grid, I get to do it. To re-instate being On grid, I have to hire sanctioned, approved people to have my snow damaged system re-approved by the local utility. ... $$$$. If I can just do an EV...
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    Essential Workers?

    i do know of a few state employees that didn't deserve their pay. One was a Highway Scalier. He weighted trucks on interstate highways: Got paid 60K a year with full benefits. This was in the late '90's. He wanted me to help him out with creating a portable gaming system, so that he...
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    Battery based electric vehicles of today and tomorrow.

    If I could, and I've tried, to move to the Netherlands, I would. :)
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    My twisted sense of humor-what's yours?

    One place that I worked at had a very segregated work force. The people at Building One were the engineers and the people at Building Two were the line manufacturers. Building One people were very snoothy to all the folk at Building Two. Building One had a sand base, volley ball court...
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    The gated community issue.

    I guess we shoot them all? LOL. Gosh, you guys live in a weird, paranoid world.
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    The gated community issue.

    Psychologically, wouldn't any sort of gate work. Even if its just a little lift gate that let every one in and everyone out. Wouldn't that be enough to deter the causal Tweeker from looking around?
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    The gated community issue.

    Well, I have to ask, why this turned into a "Shoot all the Trespassers," theme. I was asking a more nuanced question: Do gates work for non-Home owner Covenant and Condition Communities. And then the anwser is, We All Have Guns? Thats not an answer.
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    Why I do not garden

    If I consider the time, and money building the raised beds , the cost of starters, the dirt and the water involved; our garden has never produced more than it cost. Its just fun. So when I see vegetables in cans for less than 60 cents per 14/15 oz can, I buy them, and buy a great deal...
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    Where are all my birds?

    dadiehl, got some of that info also about feeders transmitting something in my area. So the bird feeders got cleaned and a bleach bath for a few days. They are dried out, and are now back in action. I don't doubt the concern is real. Yet, if we are feeding these things, we do need...
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    Why do we keep driving to far away stores that are understocked, understaffed and don't care?

    I remember when a company I was working for gave us the lecture on how Just In Time inventory would save so much money and be so much easier as they transitioned to a Kaizen Toyota based system. Some idiot thought this would work in the United States: a vastly larger geographic area to deal...
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    When do you start and stop mowing the grass where you live?

    Every year is different in the PNW. First mow, usually in mid-April. This can get delayed till mid-May if we have off and on rain, with bright sunny days in between. The grass has to get first cut by the end of May, even if its still wet, otherwise it gets too tall for even the bush hog to...
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    Where are all my birds?

    No shortage of birds here in Western Central Oregon: Hawks, Chickadees, Sparrows, Owls, Blue Jays, Robins, Wood Peckers, Hummingbirds, the occasional Eagle or Osprey, Starlings and a huge rafter of Wild Turkeys. We also have a kettle of about seven Turkey Vultures that return every...
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    The gated community issue.

    Jcholine- "...can you wall, fence, or gate off your property from that shared road?" Yes I can. And so could all the other people up the road, and some have at the end of their respective driveways already done that. It would become a road full of individual gates. Individually maintained...
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    The gated community issue.

    In my neck of the woods, there is zero investigation of property crimes. So everyone else is building a gate. Doesn't matter if you have vid footage or not, to local law enforcement. Show the vid, and even if, on your own, you found the person, you find out that the person has left the...
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    Stories of how you came about your property

    "and found out it included the mineral rights to any coal or gas." Timber rights? You found this out? You didn't know that already? Wow, you took a very scary step, and it worked and good for you. I would have never jumped on anything, i didn't know what the complete rights were.