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    M7060 Stalls when PTO is Turned On

    Thank for the responses. I will share them with my neighbor. It is not a batwing. He keeps his equipment greased.
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    M7060 Stalls when PTO is Turned On

    My neighbor purchased a used M7060 with 1,500 hours. It looks and runs nice. The problem is when he has his 10 foot HD brush cutter on it, which is 4 years old. When he turns the PTO on the engine stalls. The 10 foot works fine on his John Deere 5410 (65 hp at the PTO). The M7060 has 540E on it...
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    2007 JD 5103 won't start

    The attached pages come from TM4829 tech manual for 5103. Could be the fuel shut-off relay is bad. Look at the page on bypass attempt, it may help on why the starter is not turning over. Hope this helps. If you find out what the problem is please consider sharing it with us.
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    5045E - 3 Point Control Lever Doesn’t Stay Up.

    I have attached a page from the 52x0 manual. Hopefully it will be of help.
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    Long 1548A Loader in Need of a Cylinder Repair Kit

    A friend owns a 1989 Long 2360 Model 2050 with a is Long loader 1548A with cylinders by Gold Star, Laurens, IOWA (since changed to Fisher) part # A060CY02 . The cylinders that raise and lower the loader are leaking. Anyone know where one could locate a cylinder seals repair kit? Thanks in...
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    John Deere 5210

    You need to clean the pickup screen. It is located back by the PTO shaft. I have included pages from the owners manual to show its location and how to clean it. The issue at this point is that you will need to drain or siphon some of fluid out first. I have heard people put it in backwards, so...
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    John Deere 5210

    Do not know the answer, but here is what I would check. Did you clean the pickup screen/mesh filter? If not you need to do that. If you did, when you put it back in did you put it in the correct direction? Did you use John Deere hydraulic fluid? Do you have steering? I have included a picture...
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    The following was taken from the tech manual TM1716 using an ohm meter test the readings from the sensor. If you do not have a way to measure the actual temp of the engine you should see the ohms changing. To test the temp gauge if you have some resistors put them in place of the sensor can do...
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    Fuel leak question on 5310

    After you replace the line that runs from the fuel tank to the fuel filter. Yes you will need to open the shut off, before starting. You might want to read how to bleed the system should you have to do that.
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    Fuel leak question on 5310

    I have attached a picture of the fuel system and an included a link to the operators manual if you did not get one. As suggested already clean it up and watch for the leak. I suggest NOT trying to open the drain valve (at13740) as you may make things worse. If it is the valve consider replacing...
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    Cutting Down a Forked Tree

    I have a maple tree that is forked and needs to be cut down. My plan is to put the hinge on the left piece (see picture), make a plunge cut 1.5 inches behind the hinge and work towards the right, leaving myself a back strap. Then put wedges on both sides, then cut the back strap. My concern is...
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    JD 5X10 Clutch Repair

    The clutch is almost gone and no adjustment left on my neighbors 5410. He is trying to decide if he should have it done or do it himself. He would replace the whole clutch packet/assembly. He has the tech manual, a concrete surface to do it on, jacks and I think all the wrenches/sockets needed...
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    LV100117 pdf

    Please find attached LV100117 pdf for those that may want it.
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    Long 2360 Fuse Size and Get Dash Off

    A friend has a Long 2360 that is blowing the number 2 fuse (charging circuit). A couple questions what are the fuse sizes for all the fuses. The operators manual does not list size. It is felt a wire under dash is the cause as a mouse nest was found under there. It looks like the only way to...
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    Recommendations on Cleaning a Plastic Diesel Fuel Tank

    The valve at the bottom of the fuel tank had a leak, while I have stopped the leak, I will be replacing the valve. Since I have to drain the tank to replace the valve. Figured I would replace the fuel lines and clean the tank as well. I have not had any fuel problems. How do others...