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    Leveling an established field

    A small chisel plow matched to your tractor's drawbar horsepower will work.
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    Loss of power

    I would start at the tank and verify that the fuel gushes out CONTINUOUSLY. If it is intermittent, or dribbles, you found your problem. How about the lift pump? remove the outlet hose and crank the engine. Do you get a big gush of fuel continuously? Some lift pumps have a screen in them that can...
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    Intl. 684 losing power

    Trash can accumulate in the head of the fuel filter, in the strainer in the bottom of the fuel tank, in the screen in the lift pump (if it has one) and at the inlet to the Injector Pump. The lift pump can fail also.
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    New Holland TS 110 PTO

    Normally the pto speed is determined by a set of fixed ratio gears. You can only get 540 rpm at one speed or a 1000 rpm at another. I don't know how a spacer would work to change that.
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    Bale spear problem; Quick attach easy with FEL/not with BS.

    In lower picture 2 (the one with the circle on the pin), the pin assembly dose not look like it is at 90° to the tab that the pin locks into. Perhaps you can determine why the pin assembly is not truly vertical. Some thing is bent.
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    If the valves were replaced, perhaps the stems need to be ground to adjust their length.
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    Should I even think about 2 wheel drive

    "A low centre of gravity is independent of stability." A low center of gravity will help stability on the roll axis.
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    Should I even think about 2 wheel drive

    If you are doing a lot of logging on steep ground, you may want to consider a dozer rather than a wheel tractor.
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    9n lift issues

    As was explained by the other poster you 9N has no position control. It uses the Ferguson System to control the three point hitch. It has draft control to control ground engaging implements like a plow or a sub-soiler. You can make a feedback device that will give you position control...
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    Tractor worked on by dealer today & won't turn off!!!

    Look on the injector pump. It's the device that has lines running to the top of the engine that carries the fuel. Is there a cable that runs to a lever. if there is, pull that lever back. there may also be a lever at the bottom of the fuel tank that shuts off the fuel.
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    Changed fuel filter - now won’t start

    You probably overheated the starter by too long cranking times trying to start an engine that wasn't receiving fuel. I hope you didn't burnup your starter. When it cools, see if it still cranks. You bled the filter, but you'll need to bleed through to the injectors. Do you have a manual? It...
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    TN70 wont start

    Make sure that the fuel cutoff, (it's probably a solenoid shutoff) is recieving power so that the fuel delivery systen can provide fuel to the injector pump. Otherwise start checking for fuel delivery blockage from the fuel connection at the injection pump to the screen at the bottom of the fuel...
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    2004 B7610 will not start

    Make sure the chasis ground connection from the battery (-) post has a good connection. Make sure the cables are not internally corroded.
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    2005 model Ford 55 hp 4wd

    Where did you get a Ford tractor built in 2005. Ford sold out to New Holland in the '90's and it was Ford New Holland until 1996. IIRC. What's the model number? Gotta' be careful around electrical components with a pressure washer. What's the specific problem? Starting, running after a start...