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    New inventory at JD dealers?

    Try Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. There are plenty of used ones for sale, probably near you. You could always go sit on one of those.
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    john deere x350 trans engage/disengage

    This seems to be normal with the newer machines. I have a X570 and notice the same thing. With the rod pushed in (engaged) I can easily push the tractor forward but I cannot push it backwards. With the rod pulled out it can be pushed forward and backward. Like your experience, my previous 175...
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    John Deere X530 Hydraulic Lift Lever Replacement

    It can be a little tricky to replace. There are several YouTube videos showing the procedure.
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    John Deere OEM Easy Change Conversion Kit

    I use a Form-A-Funnel on my X500 oil filter. It tucks right under the filter and then I form the other end to go into a drain pan. They come in different sizes.
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    John Deere OEM Easy Change Conversion Kit

    Most machines these days use an oil drain hose which is usually more convenient and less messy than using the old style drain tube, You can buy drain hoses on Amazon for pretty much every mower engine around. It would probably make it much easier and less messy when changing oil.
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    Tuff Torq K46 - rebuild or just drain/refill oil?

    By cold I mainly meant that it has been sitting a while in the garage and the spindles are cold. It sounds like my X500 acts just like your Husqy.
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    Tuff Torq K46 - rebuild or just drain/refill oil?

    Does the Husky only have issues getting the deck started when everything is cold or is it anytime? The reason I ask is I have a similar issue. An old Ariens will start the deck up effortlessly any time but a newer JD X500 struggles when the machine/deck is cold. When I first get it out of the...
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    Tuff Torq K46 - rebuild or just drain/refill oil?

    Yeah, sorry... things did get a bit off track. I agree with the previous poster. Check the condition of the magnet. My gut feeling is that old fluid that isn't contaminated with water is not going to cause the power loss issue you are experiencing and it is probably more due to something being...
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    Tuff Torq K46 - rebuild or just drain/refill oil?

    Check out the CVT transmissions in the huge Case 225HP Magnum farm tractors. They use a hydraulic motor (aka hydrostatic) to power the transmission. Deere's IVT transmission is similar and available in their 400HP 8-series tractors.
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    Tuff Torq K46 - rebuild or just drain/refill oil?

    That is not necessarily true. I bought a JD 175 Hydro new back in 1988. The manual stated to never change the hydrostatic oil... so I never did. I had that tractor for 24 years... mowing steep hills, pulling a heavy lawn cart, pulling a 900 lb lawn roller and pulling a 700 lb. landscape trailer...
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    E130 carburetor

    You can get a complete OEM carburetor from the Briggs and Stratton store for $177.75.
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    Leveling box

    Or do you mean an adjustable lift arm (levelling box) for the right side 3PH lower arm?
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    2032r Amber Beacon Ideas

    I have a class-1 amber beacon on the ROPS of my 2720. It has a magnetic base and is very secure. It has been on there about four years now and has not fallen off or changed position.
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    3pt hitch rate-of-drop valve stuck - JD 3025E compact tractor

    Now that you've gotten it to move I would keep soaking it with a good penetrating oil like Kroil. Then see if you can get any movement, even a 1/8-turn is progress. If you haven't moved the knob in 3 years that is likely the cause of the problem. These ROD valves like to see regular...
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    How many hours will a 17HP Kawasaki Industrial Engine run without major problems?

    I bought a JD 175 Hydro in 1987. It had a 14HP Kawasaki engine. I sold it 26 years later and it was still working like new. It had around 2200 hours on it. At the time of purchase, an engine oil filter was an optional item you had to purchase - which I did. The manual warned to never change the...