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    Sad news

    Sadly, my wife's father passed away yesterday. He had a very weak heart and finally could no longer maintain. He passed just after noon yesterday, with my wife, her mother, and me with him when he passed. The doctor's said they had done all they could do for him. It was a peaceful, but sad...
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    Texas Spring/Summer Thread

    Well, I put a double choke hold on my software to make it keep working and not crash. It will either work now to show pictures of my siding or I'll find out it has a double choke hold on me.:eek:
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    Wearing a sleep apnea mask?

    So Bird, are you sleeping with a mask on your face these days? How did your tests turn out? Is sleep apnea an issue? For your sake, I hope not. I hate sleeping with an oxygen tube under my nose. I can't imagine that biggrer mask.
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    Rear remote / Valve body

    Here is the valve body, item #2.
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    tc45d platform removal

    Marv, here are the best images I have of the platform area and the loader post bolts. I hope they help.
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    My youngest daughter sent me a copy of the document showing my granddaughter is 3 out of 373 in ranking for her 9th grade class. I am super proud of Katie's performance. She is truly a little whiz and excels at everything she does. We are so lucky to be blessed with her. She is something...
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    My New Holland LB75B starts every time

    I suppose this thread could be considered just braggin', but my LB75B TLB is such a great starting machine that I have to brag on it a bit. It seems that if I let it set for a month or two, it will still crank and start every time. Sometimes it will take a bit longer to start because I think...
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    Help me advise neighbor

    I need some expert JD advice. My neighbor just signed a deal on a John Deere 3038e tractor with 305 loader. I asked him if the loader had the Universal Skid-Steer quick-tach adapter and found out it came with the JD quick-tach adapter. I suggested that he contact his dealer and find out what it...
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    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    "One morning, I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he ever got into my pajamas, I don't know." -- Groucho Marx Oh, what I'd give to have my pond overflow dripping/squirting/running water. :rolleyes: Like the bridge to nowhere, I have plumbing from nothing to nowhere.:( Lou: Is this the...
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    Handy little door closer

    Do you have doors in your house that are constantly left open when they should be closed? I have a door that goes down to my heated basement that is constantly left ajar. The heat from the basement just rises right up and makes the basement cold. I found a very inexpensive door closer ($18.80)...
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    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Here's a picture of Lou surfing inside the curl. The guy is AMAZING! :D
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    My local newspaper is a big disappointment

    I'm not sure this link will work, but here is a link to the newspaper story that prompted me to write a letter to the editor. I just felt insulted that at Christmas time they would give front page coverage and another whole page to this criminal who deserves to be exactly where he is. My letter...
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    Rock salt on my concrete driveway

    I just took a couple of photos of the worst spots on my driveway. These are both about 3'x3'. I won't be doin' anymore salt here. I can use it on my deck and steps, but not on the concrete.
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    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Would that 6-yr old be this little cutie you have on your shoulders when we were skinning Don's carport?
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    Rock salt on my concrete driveway

    Oh boy! With the early December ice storm, I used rock salt to melt a walking path down my driveway. Now, the surface is all pocked and chips are coming up. I am shocked to see online info that salt and concrete don't mix if the concrete is not finished with the right compound. Live and learn, I...