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    Facebook ads.

    I have noticed in the last few weeks a couple ads popping up on Facebook. Listing a new mini track hoe (about the size 0f a riding lawn mower) and now I see a little dozer. All are listed under $100 with limited amounts available. Evidently they come from a retailer. Whats the catch? Anyone...
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    Bobcat ct 450

    I have a 335 and needed a grill. Bob Cat said no longer available. Local Kioti dealer wouldn't give me the time of day Called Michigan Iron and they gave me the part number from Kioti
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    How to move a 55 gallon barrel (500lbs) from my truck bed.

    Here is what I have done. I have found several big trucker straps that fell off a semi and either broke or frayed from dragging. I cut about twelve of them up different lengths and paired them so I would have two the same length. Different sizes. I folded the ends over, (make sure there is...
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    Post was banned from Face Book

    I got ready to post a new ad on Facebook and seen a ad I tired to post about a year ago. I never followed up on the ad because I had it listed on Craig list and the first person came to see it took it So I never looked at the ad on Face book. I know the trailer had a lot of clutter on it...
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    Newer style Victor mouse traps.

    Has any one tried the newer style victor mouse traps? I had a mouse that kept going where he should not go. I tried a regular mouse trap but it would just not set off the trap. Finally I got a idea, cut a small hole about 1 1/2" put cat food inside and set the trap. It would still get inside...
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    Anyone try to buy a trailer lately?

    Along with shortages of trailers and higher prices it has made stealing them very lucrative in our area. Make sure you keep your trailer secured.
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    How did your knee replacement go?

    Well, I finally got my new knee. 6\26 I have been fighting this for 5 years and tried every potion, lotion and everything else to help it. I was turned down by two other surgeons because I was a high risk. (you can look my other posts) Dr. Greco of Ohio State did it and a wonderful job. I am...
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    How did your knee replacement go?

    I want to give you all a good post. Seems like a different opinion on after the operation . Some say no pain, no gain and others say just take it real easy even if the therapist says different. I really think I could take care of the therapy on I my own with all the chores . i am 80 but still...
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    How did your knee replacement go?

    Any one who has had a knee replacement, how did it go? Any complications? Can you still get around all right. Pain? I have a couple of posts on here about a year ago about my knee. Has gotten worse. I tried all the potions and lotions suggested by you fellows, and pain pill are out because...
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    Few workers, no prices, just a place to pay

    Why work when you can get on the govt. gravey train. In my area there are help wanted signs every where. Yet homeless line up for a hand out. And yes many business are cutting back on hours or closing one day a week because no one wants to work.
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    ct335 Backhoe installation?

    Mine is a sub frame mount. Different than than he one shown.
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    ct335 Backhoe installation?

    Anyone have the instructions for installing the Bob Cat backhoe? There must be a easier way than what I am doing. If you have one what is your method? Seems like I seen a clip on u tube once but cannot find it now
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    Happiness is:

    At 80 being able to get up in the morning and p & p, go out and plow snow in my warm tractor and my 15 year old cat that rides with me everywhere and of course my wife and all God's blessings. Go ahead and and a post "happines is" maybe your dog, horse, wife grand kids.
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    New way to catch a mouse.

    Sometimes I think mice are pretty smart critters. I have a cat that rides with me to work every day and rlde's in the truck for service calls. I have a bowel for her that I put dry cat food in. She will always leave a few pieces. I begin to notice that she was cleaning up the bowel (I...
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    Any one have a air bag go off??

    I was wondering if any one has had a accident where the air bag went off? What injuries did you suffer? I was involved in a crash about a month ago and the air bag went off. I was taken to the emergency room because I thought it had broken my brest bone. It hit me so hard I couldn't breathe...