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    How much will that tractor cost, the true price of ownership.

    How could you ever sell that old gal you grew up with over 70 years ago? And she seems to run better than me. LOL
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    What tires should you get on a new Tractor, R1, R4, or Turf?

    I guess it depends on what your main use is going to be or if you have multiple machines. I like the R-14's on my Kioti, but the ag tires on the JD grip better in soft mushy field. And turf tires on the lawn machine are best unless you want to see tracks all over a finished lawn. I don't believe...
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    Mice got me!

    Good stuff I use is this. I throw em around the barn under the tractors and log splitter and a few motorized garden tools. Been using for two years after having to take clean out a couple nests inside some cramped spaces under cowlings. No problems now cept have to throw a few around every now...
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    What is the dumbest thing you have done with your equipment ?

    Well, just about the dumbest thing you can do, I did it. While having a quiet evening watching tv I actually told the wife what I paid for the tractor and all the attachments. And then it started.
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    Bush Hog

    When hunting Hogs I sometimes go into the Bush, Would that be called Bush Hog Hunting?
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    10 Hours In, found this laying in front of my bucket (see pic)

    Some lynch pins are a pain in the arse. Flip em one way and they stay tight, flip em the other way to lock and they'll slide out on you. I've lost em from cultivater wheels to three point hitch attachments. Next time at the tractor store buy an assortment for your equipment. And on your finding...
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    What tires should you get on a new Tractor, R1, R4, or Turf?

    My new Kioti came through with the R-14s. I like them. They don't tear up the lawn too bad if I have to cross and since adding beet juice to the tires they grab good. Just had opportunity to test them while snowblowing after 30 inch blizzard blew thru here.
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    DPF Regeneration driving me crazy...

    I mis-posted about operating speed. meant to operate at reccomended speeds. Sorry.
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    New tractor arriving this Friday. What do I need?

    Titan tools 3 pt. carry all, and I'm glad a got a grapple for my loader. Harbor tools for an ammo can and mount your tool box on the loader frame. Oh yes, the canopy is a great idea also.
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    DPF Regeneration driving me crazy...

    I run my Kioti ck 35 at a good rpm. Don't let it idle down much except for starting and a minute or two before shutting down. I don't put a lot of hours on it. Maybe a 100 + a year for snowblowing and moving logs and bush hogging a pasture. Two years on new machine and no regen yet. All I can...
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    Rim guard or not? Why a ballast box instead of boxblade?

    Added beet juice to the back tires. Use a grapple on the loader and a carry all from Titan on the back. There went my traction problems and back end lifting. Plust that carry all can carry some heavy weight when hauling cut up logs am moving big logs withe grapple. Very glad with both rim guard...
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    Tires do not spin

    Sum ting wong, Sounds like it's in high range and your trying to take off, but you say your in low range. I have the same machine with loaded tires and weight on the three pt. hitch and I'll still spin the AG tires. Possible error somewhere in drive train electronics or such.
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    Brand new KIOTI dead on arrival

    Seems a lot of places you go give you the Covid excuse for delays. I realize there is a delay in getting tractors and parts, but sounds like a dealer problem here. Not a good public relations answer from Kioti. Usually a representative from up the chain of command can light a fire under the...
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    Loading issues on Dump Trailer

    Correct on that WD hitch. I adjusted mine a bit tighter and made a world of difference. Still over loaded the half-ton pulling truck but handled much better.
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    Showroom Shock !

    Ordered my new Kioti last Feb. It was delivered in Oct. Also the usually full lot was almost empty. Plus their was a waiting list for new tractors. Parts and attachments were"nt too bad a wait here in eastern Mass.