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    Texas Spring/Summer Thread

    Same here. No rain.
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    Case 580D Parts and Model Year Search

    Welcome to TBN. Sorry about the fire but glad you saved the Case. You may have luck calling these guys.
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    Momma/accountant sez to get a Top-n-tilt!

    Definitely go with FitRite if you can. Well built and Brian is always willing to help us out here on TBN!
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    Kioti NX Series parts catalog???

    Click on the link below. Select Kioti then tractors and scroll down to the NX section. Select your tractor and there is the parts diagrams. Hope this helps.
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    Bad Boy Land Plane

    In the description it says the blades are fully adjustable. I wonder if the the angle is adjustable or what?
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    Bad Boy Land Plane

    From what I can see they are quite a bit lighter than the EA brand by a couple hundred pounds. I think weight is what you will want with a land plane.
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    3510 Tie rod end replacement

    Looks good! I need to call them about the right side I did not receive yet. Sure looks like they must have them in stock. :ROFLMAO:
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    Question about third function valve

    I would talk to the dealer that installed it before doing anything else. They need to know they plumbed it wrong and should correct the problem. If any damage was done they will need to fix that as well.
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    Kioti LK3054 steering column leak

    I had the same issue but I just replaced the bushing and upper seal and have not had a leak since. That was about 4 years ago.
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    Big Tex Dump Trailer stolen from ranch early this morning...

    He is in another county as well. He will likely get off but not without a large lawyer bill and a damaged reputation. I know this guy very well and is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Once all this is clear he will have another opportunity with my company but until then I have no...
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    Big Tex Dump Trailer stolen from ranch early this morning...

    Unfortunately you are wrong about this. I have or had a employee that had a gathering at is house on the weekend. One of his guests was getting out of a abusive relationship. The guy showed up high on drugs and started going after the girl and even was hitting kids. My employee has his...
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    Picked up TC 45DA from dealer and found damage

    They had to separate the tie rod end. It probably was tight so they used a pry bar and a shop hammer on the side to jar loose. Either the pry bar slipped or the hammer glanced off the knuckle arm. One thing to consider, although I am not making excuses for the response, is that it is very...
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    Branson 3620h both DPF and exhaust lights blinking twice

    I am afraid you will need to get your dealer involved on this one. Good news is whatever the problem is it should be covered by the warranty. Please report back what they find. Until they release the service manual, having a list of the possible codes would be nice.
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    That is easy to explain. Your loader valve has less internal leakage than your remote valves.
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    Buying a Branson

    Kantuckid, your comments Directed @DonaldP are frankly rude and unnecessary. There is absolutely nothing wrong with his post as he was sharing his experience with his purchase. He never once said his tractor brand was superior. If you do not want to talk about what is being discussed you are...