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    Need help with purchase of weight distribution hitch

    The Trutrack can be backed up without unhooking it and I believe the Straight line can as well.
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    Need help with purchase of weight distribution hitch

    Ok, I'm a design engineer for *towing company* and I developed the *WD* system so I'm a little bias on weight distribution hitches. In my opinion round bars and trunnions are fine either or as long as you are looking for just WD. They're "cheap" and they get the load on the front of the tow...
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    Wooden Fence Posts

    I like that but I have a receiver tube on my mask. I think I would just mount one of those pounders (or capped tube) with a hinge to a shank and pin it into the receiver tube. Great idea though, I love it and will be doing it!!!
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    Plows versus tillers?

    I have a 6' tiller that will chew up a 75'x25' garden in the matter of minutes. the only problem I have is I can't seem to tame the weeds. My soil is rather sandy but I've broken fresh ground with little time lost.
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    24 inch forks?

    I feel your pain. I don't have a grapple (would love one but don't have the extra hydraulics) but I have home made fork mast with 42" forks that works for how much I need it. I load mine up with a few logs but I find they want to roll off or they aren't centered on the forks. you must be...
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    Propane Tank Back Blade Build

    I really like it, it looks great! The only thing I may have done differently is add some back ribbing and a bolt on blade to the bottom for wear resistance. In the future you could always add a weight holder if you needed/wanted to add some down pressure. I have 6 big suitcase weights on mine...
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    Will this hold or crack over time? Do more passes?

    build a bucket.
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    Will this hold or crack over time? Do more passes?

    Weld prep is important and by not notching your plates you really reduced your weld root. At this point, you can add more passes (I would go with "1" as well) but it wont be as strong. I would build up to a 3/4" weld as any more wont help. Lastly, once you have it mounted to whatever...
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    Who want to chat about plasma cutters?

    I have a Hypertherm 45XP on my 4'x8' waterbed table. The plasma is very dependable and compact but the table is always giving me issues (Bulltear) I've cut 3/8" plate with it and it can cut 11ga at 100ipm. clean cuts and consumables last but I have a few filters to keep lines dry.
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    How Hard Can a Tractor Pull?

    get a pallet fork under it and pry up, roll it if you can from there. I've rolled 4,000 lb rocks with my tractor.
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    Bending Metal?? Looking for some advice

    long heavy pipe, slide it over it and pry it if possible. otherwise use your FEL with a fork mast and pry down on it. Heating it might take the temper out and make it weaker. Harbor Freight shop press last resort?
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    Ripping roots with a tractor?

    take a tine off of your pallet forks push in and tip back. That's what I've done with mine. Thinking about making a ripper tooth that mounts on the fork mast.
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    Beware of Catalytic Converter Thefts

    Ha, any would be thieves of my catalytic converter will have a rude awakening. Mines empty!
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    Separate Nails from Wood Ash

    I don't do a lot of fires anymore but when we had the old wood stove and burned pallets night and day in there. I just tossed the boards in with nails and clean it out by the wheel borrow when it was full. never messed with sorting as the nails got hot enough that the temper was out of the...
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    How big of a rock/boulder can a 60 HP tractor push on relatively flat dirt?

    with mine I was able to lift a set of concrete stairs on one end and drag them up the road and into the woods. your 3 point can lift more than your FEL and draging 1/2 the weight makes it easier. My tractor is 41hp and I would say I could drag a 3000lb rock. Also, if you're not moving them...